I’ve just finished tidying The Bubble’s room & the lounge/playroom in the bedroom building (remember that Wonderland is 2 buildings joined by a deck). Normally The Bubble & Babyman (to some extent) help me put the toys away in the baskets & on the shelves at the end of the day. I was going to let it slide tonight, I’m feeling lazy after a long day (The Sproggets woke early & only Babyman is asleep so far at 9.30pm!) but The Bubble was feeling uneasy about the toys on the floor, so asked me to pack them away for her.

I’ve noticed the toys get played with more readily when they’ve been packed away the night before. When all the trainset parts are in the trainset basket, the farm animals are in the farm animal basket, the blocks in the block basket, the playcloths in the playcloth basket etc. they’re ready to be pulled out one by one & be played with. When we wake to the mess from the day before, it seems to put us on the back foot. Mess is not the same as an unfinished project. There have been times when The Bubble has requested that we not pack up a particular game until tomorrow, because she’s not finished with it yet. Mess is the finished game that we walk away from before packing it away because something more exciting came up. Mess becomes more of a chore, the longer we leave it. When I leave mess, I feel a bit more hostile to it every time I walk past it, until I feel so hostile to it I start to wonder why it hasn’t just picked itself up so I don’t have to. I begrudge it for still being there. If I don’t tidy before I go to bed, I don’t sleep well. If I know I’m waking up to a sink full of dishes in the morning I’ll have a restless night, no matter how tired I am*. For this reason I’ve become one of those neat-freaks who puts things away as soon as I’m finished with them. I wasn’t always like this. My room was always untidy when I was a child. I was never very bothered about mess before having children myself actually. It’s almost as if the nesting instinct so many women experience during pregnancy just came one day and decided never to leave. It didn’t disappear once the first baby was born, and if anything it’s become even more settled within me since the second one.

I find that when my environment is disordered & untidy, I have trouble staying focussed & I often feel stressed or muddle-brained. I also observe the opposite of this, that when I’m feeling particularly depressed & in a slump, I don’t care for tidying up. My brain is feeling muddled, & so I make my otherwise ordered environment muddled also, so it matches how I’m feeling inside. I’m noticing similar in The Bubble. Babyman may be the same, but he’s still too young to really care much for his environment, he’s still quite focussed on what is right in front of him. He’s very good at living in the moment! Perhaps it’s just me? Perhaps The Bubble picks up on my inner chaos & makes it her own? I do think though, that she feels more centred when her home environment is ordered. She says she’s happy when her room is tidy & she takes pleasure in helping to pack things away into the right baskets. When she is having a rough day she will deliberately up-end toy baskets, not to play with the contents, just to make mess to walk away from.

Tonight, The Bubble now feels ready for sleep, assured that her tidy room awaits untidying tomorrow…

*Thankfully, dishes is really Bean’s domain & it’s rare for him to have to leave a sink full of dirty dishes for not having had time of a morning to do them before leaving for work.

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