this funny thing happened the other day…

In the last week or so Moe has begun using the potty instead of weeing and pooing in his nappy. Sometimes he makes it as far as the potty, often it’s garden path. Whatever, thanks to the garden hose they’re both easier to clean than a nappy! Now, in celebration of the beginning of the end of nappies in our household I have a story to share with you. It’s a story about celebration, friendship and poo. Well, it’s mostly about poo really…

A couple of weekends ago we were at the Denmark Art Markets, wandering up and down laneways flanked with little craft stalls – running into friends we’ve not seen for weeks, some for months and even some we’d not seen for years! We were on a high, the atmosphere was fun and social, the music was great and everywhere we turned there was something or someone exciting to see. We had just left the Kwoorabup-Denmark Transition Town stall where we’d stopped for a chat with yet another old friend about the exciting visions the group have to transform Denmark and were debating whether we should go and buy a stash of homemade soap or watch some music first when at the same time Bean and I suggested it was probably time to change Moe’s nappy.

Neither of us had smelled anything by that stage, so we’ll call it telepathy shall we?

At the same moment that we agreed it was time to take Moe to the toilets and change his nappy Moe became restless and indicated he wanted help to get out of the pram. I told him we were going to the toilet and asked if he wanted to walk. He nodded and whimpered something resembling a “yes” so I lifted him out of the pram…

and got my hand covered in very sloppy poo.

“Oh yuck! Bean, he’s pooed and it’s leaked out of his nappy.”

Little did I know, at that point, to what extent it had leaked.

It was quite a warm day, that Saturday, and Moe was wearing some boardshorts. He was also wearing his very favourite shoes, glorious pink gumboots, which he had insisted on wearing despite the heat.

Moe’s poo had filled his nappy, overflowed into his boardshorts, run down his leg and filled his gumboot which was now overflowing.

Gooooodness me!

At least we were at the end of the market that was closest to the toilet.

We quickly marched Moe in the direction of the toilets with Sprout trotting along behind us giving an excited commentary on the revolting poo situation, that is until she stepped in some of it while barefoot. Then the excited commentary turned into exclaimations of how terribly gross it all was.

Oh yes Sprout, we know it’s gross.

Bean took Moe to the disabled/family toilet while I took Sprout into the women’s toilet to wash my hands and her foot. Once we had washed ourselves we went in to the toilet Bean and Moe were in to help Bean out.

We walked in to see Moe giggling with glee at standing naked in the woefully inadequate sink, with Bean splashing handfuls of water at him. I pulled the wet bag out of the change bag and began to put Moe’s nappy, shorts and boot in it while Bean continued washing Moe with liquid handsoap and cold water. Eventually we’d cleaned all of the poo off everyone and made sure the toilet was left in a clean condition for the next user so we walked out of there with a naked (and much, much lighter!) almost two year old into the arms of another old friend. After completely turning that friend off ever having children of his own we decided we’d go share our story with some other friends who’d recently told us a fun story involving dog poo while we dressed Moe again, and then we were definitely buying some of that soap! Oh the irony.

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