Yep. That’s probably the cheesiest blog post title I’ve ever come up with.

Anyway, I believe the cheese is warranted because I have big news to share from around these parts.

Bean got a different job. He flies out to GERALDTON(!) in just one week. The sprogs and I will stay here for a few weeks to sell or donate all of our furniture and housewares excepting what we can squeeze in to the two kombis*, then we’ll follow him up.

So much to do! We have to break the lease here in Albany, so if anyone local knows of folk looking for a house** nice and close to town and the hospital please get in touch…

The Geraldton job goes for 16-20 weeks and we’ll stay in temporary accomodation while we’re there. Once it’s done we’ll be debt free!

Bring it on.


*clothes, camping gear, my sewing machine, fabric stash, Bean’s tools, some crafty supplies for the sprogs, toys…

**or anyone wanting furniture or white goods

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