Why, yes, we are in quarantine. How did you guess? Did the post title give it away?

Moe is unwell.

He’d been out of sorts for a few days, which I had put down to tiredness and teething after a couple of rough nights in a row, and then he quite suddenly developed a rash Tuesday afternoon. He’s been seen by a Dr, to rule out anything sinister like meningecoccal meningitis (which he didn’t seem unwell enough to have, but on advice we had him checked anyway). The Dr was a lovely fellow who could give us no definite diagnosis. It could be chicken pox. It could be rubella. It could be any rash causing childhood illness…

Whatever it is, we’re in quarantine. Unfortunately we didn’t know anything was wrong until after the rash developed, so we’ve probably passed it on unknowingly, but now we do know we’re staying home. He’s generally in good spirits. The rash doesn’t seem to be troubling him, he’s not scratching. He is breastfeeding a whole lot more than normal, and he’s more sleepy, but he’s otherwise pretty happy now.

Sprout’s moods have been swinging wildly from reasonable to downright revolting to inconsolable sobbing to hyperactive giggling and back again, so I suspect she’ll develop the rash in the next couple of days too. If so, I think we’ll be in quarantine for a while yet.

Today was a gloriously sunny day, I was able to fold & bring in the 3 loads of washing Bean did yesterday, as well as hanging the nappies out. I also swept the paths and put up some chook wire fence along one path to protect a new garden bed* we’ll be planting out with some ornamental flowers and some medicinal herbs. Sprout and Moe helped me sow some nasturtian seeds, and otherwise cruised around the backyard with no clothes on. Quarantine is certainly giving me the opportunity to be productive!

I’m so pleased the sun was out today, we needed to be out of doors and we needed a good dose of sun on the skin too.

Tomorrow, providing it’s sunny, I plan to pull out some old bed sheets to drape over the garden table to make a makeshift cubby. We’ll pull out the paints and craft glue too. If it’s rainy, we’ll bake and do craft inside**. We’ve got some long days ahead of us, but I have lots of great ideas to help us pass the time enjoyably.


*from Dave and the sprogs

**I’m crossing my fingers it’s sunny, the shed is so lovely and clean right now, I’d love to spend a day outside so it can stay lovely and clean for a full day… haha!

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