perth in pictures

A very tolerant old dog.

Gifts given and received, fun memories made with cousins.

Many amazing meals shared.

Funny toddler antics.

 Lots of time spent in water.

Total exhaustion…

We go home tomorrow.

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this is perth

Hello from sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny etc. Perth.

It was raining when we left Albany so it was quite a shock to arrive in Perth and pretty much just melt.

It’s funny how quickly one gets used to cooler weather, and forgets all about the horrid, oppressive heat of one’s birthplace.

“One” being me, of course.

We chose to move from Perth to Denmark for several reasons, one of which (right near the top of the list) was the weather. Of course, we aimed for Denmark and missed so we landed in Albany. Just short. We’ll get there soon enough. For now, Albany’s weather is kind enough to us.

Anyway, back to Perth. (Do I have to? Really?)

It’s hot here. Really, really hot. Whinge, whinge. It’s hot.

It’s been lovely seeing my family, and the few friends we’ve managed to see. The sproggets have had such a lovely, lovely time playing with their cousins and my appointment with the nutritional doctor, which I’ll probably write about when I get my head around all the information I’ve been given, was fantastic.



For those reasons I’m very glad we’ve come, and yet I’ll be very glad when we’re home again. Home where peak hour traffic doesn’t exist. Home where air smells fresher. Home where I can comfortably wear my jeans in the same week I can feel hot enough to go for a swim at one of the many gorgeous and deserted beaches nearby.

Oh yes, I am truly made for small town coastal life. Not that Albany is a small town, hey even Albany is too big for me but it’s quite a bit smaller than a city which is how I like my home to be. The city is the place to be for so many, but not for me. It’s nice to visit occasionally, to remember why I left. I’m just not made for such a busy place and I’m certainly not made for such a hot place!

Now that my weather whinge is out of the way, I’ve some reading to do. I’ll post more about what we’ve actually been doing in Perth, other than melting, in the next few days.

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