reflections of a reformed hoarder

We have been in the shed a couple of weeks now. We’re slowly finishing off things so our little home is well organised. Bean said just tonight, while he was making the new corner desk,

“I can’t wait for the day we realise there’s no more work to be done in here.”

Neither can I! I think when that day comes we’ll spend the whole evening playing board games, watching movies on the laptop &/or staring at the wall… We’ll certainly have earned it by then. You know? We might even have more than one lazy evening!

We’re getting close though, we’re so close I can taste it. There’s such a short list of jobs left, and then this tiny little space will be very comfortably set up for our family.

Today, we worked out where we want the wall shelves to go, we worked out what materials we need for those shelves & we went to the hardware store to buy it all. We’ve reached a point where we’re after cheap solutions over beautiful solutions, so we bought ply wood for our shelves rather than solid wood, it’s just so much cheaper and this isn’t actually our house. We’ll paint it with some left over paint, rather than oiling it like we’d finish solid wood. Even if we could afford the more beautiful materials that we want, it just makes a bit more sense to buy the equally functional, yet less beautiful, materials for less & save the difference for that “one day” when we have our own home again.

We’re so very close to having all the things we want to live with unpacked & put away in this space, everything having its own place, simple & beautiful. We had planned to store some things in one of the FOUR(!) spare rooms in Bean’s parents house, things that wouldn’t fit in the shed & (as yet unbuilt) wash house, but we have since decided to be more ruthless than we’ve ever been before. If we want to keep something, we’ll work out how to fit it in the (house) shed, wash house, or garden/tool shed otherwise it goes! We’ll sell or donate everything we don’t have space for, we’ll store nothing.

We’ve decided to do things this way because we’re planning to set up Van Halen (Bean’s kombi) as a camper van & travel for a little while once he’s qualified & we have saved some money for an adventure. We don’t want to be worrying about stuff we’re not going to use immediately we move from this shed. We don’t want to have things in storage. If we don’t use it often enough that we’re not going to miss it in storage then we’re not going to miss it if we get rid of it altogether!

A good old fashioned cull, it just feels so very good. We’ve already culled most of our sentimental stuff, childhood letters, trophies (all Bean’s, I never won at sport!), toys… Being a reformed hoarder, I’ve done the heartless chuck out already! It was hard, it was something I thought about & put off for so long, then when I finally got rid of it all I wondered why it had taken me so long?! Now, it’s just useful stuff left. Some stuff that we use every day, stuff that makes life easier, stuff that makes life more fun, stuff we wear… Then there’s the stuff we don’t use daily but that we use often enough to keep in our little house.

The useless stuff, the stuff we’d planned to put in boxes & leave in a room for who knows how long, just in case we want it again some day, that’s the stuff we’ll get rid of, one way or another. Then, then I’ll feel even more free. Less to pack when we leave. Less to worry about now. Just less. Beautiful, simple “less”.

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