switch off & reconnect: porongorup national park

We use our computers a lot, and because we’re trying to fill a social void here in this town that was not part of our original plan, this town where we know so few people so far, we use them to excess now. Escapism. Time killing. Disonnecting. We have begun to lose sight of each other, we’ve begun to lose sight of how short these intense years with young children are. In an effort to inspire some connection as a family, we have decided to spend one day per week “switched off”. Screen free (computers, we don’t have a television anyway) & mobile phone free*.

We don’t have a formula for how these days will go. We don’t even have a set day, just a day that Bean is not working (which usually limits us to Saturday or Sunday), so we can spend the whole day switched off. We might spend the day away from home, or we might spend it pottering about the garden, we might spend it playing card games…


Our first weekly switch off was yesterday, Sunday. We took a drive to the beautiful Porongorup National Park, where we ate a picnic lunch, then did part of the Nancy Peak Walk at Sprout’s suggestion. As we left Albany it began to rain, quite heavily, we wondered whether it would be worth even attempting a bush walk. Upon arriving at Poronorup we were greeted with blue skies & white, fluffy clouds.

This is a huge karri tree growing in an equally huge granite boulder. It’s just spectacular. This marks the beginning of the Nancy Peak Walk.


We walked until Sprout felt ready to turn back. Moe spent most of the walk on Bean’s back after a spectacular display of almost-two-year-old-ness because the path was quite steep and he stumbled while trying to keep up with Sprout.

Bean took him out of the ergo each time we stopped for a closer look at something, and when the path was more flat and less rocky.

We’re probably the 15 billionth people to take photos of ourselves in this tree…

When Sprout decided she’d had enough of walking we turned to walk back down the hill. We got back to the kombi in perfect time, the sky opened up & rain bucketed down just as we were buckling up seat belts.


*We don’t have a landline & we’re far from all of my family so we keep the phone switched on in case we receive an urgent call, we just don’t play with it or make calls.

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