your body is not wrong…

This singlet is fabulous! I’d love to wear one at the gym I’ve just joined. Being that it’s a gym the join up was pretty centred around how “great” and “gorgeous” I look – probably because I fit into the narrow range of socially acceptable body sizes and I was wearing long pants so my hairy legs weren’t on show! No matter how much I stressed that I didn’t want to exercise to lose weight or tone up I was still reassured that I looked great. Argh! I have a strong body that needs to be cared for, but the exercise is for my mind more than my body anyway.

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I think a trip to the art store for screen printing supplies is in order…

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My Vintage Shoe Company boots arrived from the US. I’m pretty stoked with them…

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These are the second pair. The first pair were too big so I had to send them back. Postage to the US from Australia is EXPENSIVE!

We measured my foot, we looked at 6 different size charts, we determined that I wear a US size 9 & we ordered the US size 9. Turns out that the VSC “Jennifer” boot runs a bit big. I sent them back & re-ordered the size 8 which are perfect for my size 9 foot!

The leather is very soft & the fit feels comfortable to me. At first they felt a bit stiff in the sole, but they were worn in within a day.

I was disappointed to find out they use lead in the pigment on the leather, but I did some research & found out that it’s common for lead to be used in the manufacture of both real leather & synthetic leather shoes, but it’s just not widely publicised. I’ll be looking specifically for lead-free shoes in future.

All up I’m pretty glad I spent the obscene amount of money on them, they are a well made shoe & I think they’ll last a long time, making the initial expense worthwhile.

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