what’s that gymbo?

This morning I joined a gym.

I’ve used gyms sporadically in the past. I had a gym membership when I first stopped doing tae kwon do and playing hockey a few years before I had Sprout, but I was never really motivated to go, I was young and single so I had plenty of opportunity to get moving. The reality of a gym membership then wasn’t as awesome as the idea had been. Really, I think I just wanted a bum like Britney Spears had at the time. That was before I learned about photoshop!

When Sprout was a little toddler I joined a pool with a gym. My sister was a member too, and we’d put Sprout and her slightly older cousin in the creche together until Sprout got used it to. It was great. I loved the chance to get my heart rate up, to do some aerobic exercise, and even more than that I loved being able to do it without Sprout attached to me. I loved the “me time” it offered.

Now that Moe is older, and has had experience at a creche while I did art journaling classes last year, I’m ready to join a gym again.

I had tried walking with the sprogs in the pram, but they don’t like being stuck in there and the weather here is so unpredictable I don’t know whether it’ll be raining all week or not. Walking doesn’t get my heart rate up either, which is what I need. I want aerobic exercise to vent some frustration and anger. Parenting in isolation is tough business and I tend to be quick to anger when I get no respite so I like to have an avenue that provides venting opportunities and “me time”. The gym fits the bill perfectly.

I visited yesterday and made an appointment to sign up today. Then last night I called a friend who has a membership at the same gym to ask her opinion of it. She actually didn’t want her membership anymore, since she can’t find time to get along to it, and so I had hers transferred to my name. Fabulous. It’s an older membership so it’s a cheaper membership than they offer now and it expires this May, so I’ll not be locked in to a 12 month membership. We don’t plan to stay here for 12 months, we’re hoping to move to Denmark mid year, so it’d be foolish to have a gym membership in a town 50km away from home. This way I can go along until we move, then let it go. Great!

I have an (un)fitness appraisal this Thursday morning, and I’ll get stuck into it after that. Oh I’m so looking forward to it!

I’ve never done group fitness classes before, I’ve just used machines and circuits. Anyone want to recommend a particular class? I figure I’ll do one or two classes a week and use the machines other times.

I won’t be too ambitious, but given how close it is to my home, I’m aiming for 3-4 sessions of 30-60 minutes each week. I’ll keep y’all posted.

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