playing house

Hey Wildies! I’ve got a little story for you…

A few weeks ago Monsieur Lapin Blanc moved in with us here at The Wilde Space, and he’s brought the 21st century with him…

For the first time since I lived with my Mum I’m living in a home with a television, a dishwasher, a microwave and a toaster (this is big stuff).

The television has big speaker-doo-dahs attached to it and apparently we can play music through it but I haven’t made that happen yet. The TV is not plugged in to the part of the wall where the TV stations come in so it’s basically a fancy computer monitor for watching movies on. I’ve never had a desire to have a TV in the house before, and I certainly wouldn’t miss it if it weren’t here but it is a bit cool to watch some movies and series on it instead of watching them on a small lap top screen. I would prefer if it was hidden in a cupboard or by a curtain though, you see I do enjoy technology, I just don’t want to have to look at it if I’m not using it and we don’t use it very much.

The dishwasher, well I’m definitely into that!

The microwave, it’s still not better than using the oven or stovetop to reheat anything but I bought some wheat bags because I knew the microwave was coming… I’m sure I’ll appreciate it when my shoulder is playing up and I can give it a bit of relief with a heat pack.

The toaster, do you know how many crumbs those things spit out?! I don’t love that much (yet?).

The most exciting addition to the house though, of course, is the Monsieur himself. I’m not fantastic at living with other people, share houses never really worked for me because I’m a bit of a lot of a neat freak. Since becoming a single parent I’d really embraced being queen of my domain. Everything just how I wanted it, no requirement to accommodate another (adult) person’s stuff even if it wasn’t to my taste, the freedom to rearrange furniture on a whim… It was really wonderful actually.

Initially the thought of giving that up made my blood run cold, and only a year ago I would loudly announce to anyone who would listen that I’d never want to live with another man again. People laughed and told me I’d change my mind, and sure enough I did. It helped that Monsieur Lapin Blanc had proven himself to be a pretty fabulous dude with exceptional domestic abilities and a super human level of tolerance for my redecorating whims.

Now I’m happy to eat my words because, with Monsieur Lapin Blanc, I think that playing house is quite lovely.


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I haven’t blogged very much lately. My computer was in the repair shop for a couple of weeks but I had use of Bean’s old lap top so I could have posted if I wanted to. Truth is, I haven’t really felt like I’ve had very much nice to write, so I haven’t bothered to write anything. Everything I’m feeling is so priviliged and whingey, which is pretty much what this whole post is about…

Right now I feel that our life is in limbo. We are suspended in time, just waiting for the life we intended to live to begin.

Here we are, stuck in a town we never meant to live in. Even though we chose to move here as a stepping stone to moving to a town nearby (but too far to be a part of right  now) it certainly wasn’t part of the plan to stay here for a year. You see, we were just passing through.

Now, it’s been a year. We still don’t have a friendship group. We have a couple of friends, but we really need more than a couple of friends because friends get busy with their own lives and can’t possibly be expected to meet all our socialising desires no matter how nice they are. I sort of know my way around here now, and I know lots of places that are really lovely, but at the same time our visits to those places are tainted with an impatience on my part. I’m not suppose to still be here you know?

The thing is, the longer I stay here the less sure I am that I know where I’m meant to be. A year ago I was sure it was in that nearby but not near enough town, and now I’m quite unsure that’s the place. I’m left wondering if I’ll ever find my place in this world.

Our house, it’s not a home. It’s just a place we’re staying right now, while we wait for real life to begin.

I try so hard to view it as a home… it’s just that (aside from the location) the double garage, laminate benches, cheap vinyl floor, cheap carpet, aluminium window frames, the boxy legolandness of it and lack of hanging hooks on the walls make it hard to view it as my home.

Meanwhile, pinterest is like my virtual glory box. Bookmarked pictures of wooden floors (some painted white, some clear coated or oiled), porcelain sinks, weatherboard homes, stained glass windows, wooden window frames, claw foot baths, ornate doors and lovely little DIY projects wait for the day that we have a home of our own again.

It’s not just the look of this place, or the location though. Renting is getting me down. The temporary nature of it just goes against my strong desire to put down roots, to anchor ourselves to a home, a patch of earth, a community. We have a rent inspection next week too, and while I understand a desire to make sure the tenants aren’t destroying the ever so important investment property I just can’t help but bristle at the invasion of my privacy. I keep a very clean and ordered house and I feel irritated that someone else (who may or may not keep a clean home) has a right to come in to my house and judge whether we’re clean enough, good enough, to live here. I’m confident there’ll be no problem, the house and yard are in better condition than when we got here, but it’s still awful. The worst of it is that the day of the inspection is Bean’s birthday and we’d much rather be enjoying a lunch time roast than making ourselves scarce lest the sproggets strew their toys around the house as they do when they’re home.

I have seen lots of inspirational pinterest quotes lately that say things to the effect of home is where family is, or the best thing about home is the people we share it with, and while it gives me a warm glow in my heart to read things like that I find it harder to really believe it when I see the damage that here is doing to my family.

The sprogs don’t have friends to play with regularly, they’re very isolated which is terrible for them since they’re so social, much more so than I. Seeing them so lonely breaks my heart more than my own feeling of loneliness ever could. Not only are they lonely, they’re bored too and they are harder to get along with when they’re bored. They try to stir each other up and generally cause mischief.

We’re still drowning a bit in financial obligations too. The simple maths is that the repayments and other general outgoings exceed the income, and that leads to a lot of stressing for me and Bean.

We still haven’t been able to afford a new mattress (even an old one), so we’ve been sleeping on a foam egg cup mattress topper for 7 weeks now. Oh how my body just hurts. I’m feeling tired and sore, every night that goes by without a proper mattress is compounding those feelings to a point where I’ve felt that I’m spiralling down into a dark headspace, unable to see positives where they definitely exist, unable to find joy in the days spent with the sprogs. I’ve been snappy and cranky, generally a pretty horrid person to live with really.

Thankfully my dear Mum has offered to buy us a mattress, she thinks she’s just giving it to us, but we’re just adding it to the list of things we owe her for. We hope to pay her back very soon actually, because we’ve got some great plans to get us out of debt and to the end of limbo-land fairly quickly. It’ll require some hard work and sacrifices but we hope it will pay off, hey we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t would we?!

Stay tuned, when it’s official I’ll write about it…


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11 weeks in the shed

We’ve been living in the shed for 11 weeks now, so I’d like to update how it’s going…

In a nut shell, it sucks!

We still don’t have the wash house the outlaws originally said would be completed 9 weeks ago. Work hasn’t even begun on it yet! I’ve given up believing Bean when he tells me they’ve promised it’ll be done in 2-3 weeks since I’ve been hearing that for 12 weeks now!

So, because we don’t have a wash house we’re still having to use their washing machine, and because Bean is the only one of our family who goes down to their house we’re totally reliant on him being available to do the washing. He can’t do laundry as often as I was able to do it when we had our own machine set up because he’s not around as much as I am so our washing is piling up!

Add to that, their washing machine is USELESS, utterly useless. All it does it wet the clothes, add a bit of beach sand and lint that wasn’t already on them, then pull them out of shape. Hurrah, aren’t we glad we’ve wasted our time and the earth’s resources pretending to wash our clothes?! I miss our good washing machine. I miss washing the nappies every day or two, and knowing that I’m not going to run out of clean nappies*. Most of all, I miss knowing toxic laundry detergents haven’t been used in the machine I’m washing my clothes in. I cannot stand the overpowering chemical smell of those detergents and our clothes have been smelling like them for months now.

Cash is a bit tight until Bean’s qualified (which should be in the next couple of months, yay!) so we’re not able to use the machines at the laundromat, though I was able to do several loads at the laundromat last week because my Mum generously gave me some cash to do that.

Having piles of dirty laundry is frustrating enough, but when those piles have to share the piddly 30 square metres you’ve got to live in with four people… then it starts to inspire frustration of hair pulling proportions!

This is my desk. As you can see, there’s a whole lot of room for study right here!


It’s not just the dirty laundry that’s taking up precious space though. There’s all the cleaning stuff, including the vacuum, which would otherwise be in the wash house.

Then there’s the glorified bucket that would otherwise be (a real toilet) in the wash house.

I don’t know how to turn that picture around.


Yes. We’ve been using a camp toilet for 11 weeks. Kindly loaned by our milk providing friends, which is fabulous because we’d not have been able to buy one. Still, the novelty wore of pretty soon. It’d be nice to have a home that doesn’t smell like a camp toilet. It’d be nice to not have to empty the camp toilet. It’d be nice to just have a real toilet, damn it!

The piles of laundry, the cleaning stuff, the camp toilet we’ve got to shift around depending on whether we want to use the shower or the basin, it all adds to the feeling of claustrophobia and chaos.

30 square metres is small, there’s no doubt about that, but we’ve designed the space to be usable and practical. With the wash house, it’d be working, I reckon. With the wash house we’d not have massive piles of washing anyway, because we’d have our own machine to use whenever we want to. With the wash house my desk would be used as a desk, not a washing pile holder. With the wash house we’d have no vacuum in the walk way between the kitchen and the couch. With the wash house we’d have a toilet!

So, 11 weeks in, it sucks. Not all hope it lost, maybe one day the wash house really will be done in 2-3 weeks? Until then, resentment keeps creeping in, no matter which way I try to look at it.



*Please, no one suggest disposables! Even if I wanted to use disposables, we don’t have the disposable income (haha) to pay for them while Bean’s on an apprenticeship.


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reflections of a reformed hoarder

We have been in the shed a couple of weeks now. We’re slowly finishing off things so our little home is well organised. Bean said just tonight, while he was making the new corner desk,

“I can’t wait for the day we realise there’s no more work to be done in here.”

Neither can I! I think when that day comes we’ll spend the whole evening playing board games, watching movies on the laptop &/or staring at the wall… We’ll certainly have earned it by then. You know? We might even have more than one lazy evening!

We’re getting close though, we’re so close I can taste it. There’s such a short list of jobs left, and then this tiny little space will be very comfortably set up for our family.

Today, we worked out where we want the wall shelves to go, we worked out what materials we need for those shelves & we went to the hardware store to buy it all. We’ve reached a point where we’re after cheap solutions over beautiful solutions, so we bought ply wood for our shelves rather than solid wood, it’s just so much cheaper and this isn’t actually our house. We’ll paint it with some left over paint, rather than oiling it like we’d finish solid wood. Even if we could afford the more beautiful materials that we want, it just makes a bit more sense to buy the equally functional, yet less beautiful, materials for less & save the difference for that “one day” when we have our own home again.

We’re so very close to having all the things we want to live with unpacked & put away in this space, everything having its own place, simple & beautiful. We had planned to store some things in one of the FOUR(!) spare rooms in Bean’s parents house, things that wouldn’t fit in the shed & (as yet unbuilt) wash house, but we have since decided to be more ruthless than we’ve ever been before. If we want to keep something, we’ll work out how to fit it in the (house) shed, wash house, or garden/tool shed otherwise it goes! We’ll sell or donate everything we don’t have space for, we’ll store nothing.

We’ve decided to do things this way because we’re planning to set up Van Halen (Bean’s kombi) as a camper van & travel for a little while once he’s qualified & we have saved some money for an adventure. We don’t want to be worrying about stuff we’re not going to use immediately we move from this shed. We don’t want to have things in storage. If we don’t use it often enough that we’re not going to miss it in storage then we’re not going to miss it if we get rid of it altogether!

A good old fashioned cull, it just feels so very good. We’ve already culled most of our sentimental stuff, childhood letters, trophies (all Bean’s, I never won at sport!), toys… Being a reformed hoarder, I’ve done the heartless chuck out already! It was hard, it was something I thought about & put off for so long, then when I finally got rid of it all I wondered why it had taken me so long?! Now, it’s just useful stuff left. Some stuff that we use every day, stuff that makes life easier, stuff that makes life more fun, stuff we wear… Then there’s the stuff we don’t use daily but that we use often enough to keep in our little house.

The useless stuff, the stuff we’d planned to put in boxes & leave in a room for who knows how long, just in case we want it again some day, that’s the stuff we’ll get rid of, one way or another. Then, then I’ll feel even more free. Less to pack when we leave. Less to worry about now. Just less. Beautiful, simple “less”.

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A (very) left field solution

We’re going to break the lease here at Wonderland.

It is a beautiful house, and it is a very impractical house.

The issue of safety is a huge one for us. We feel it’s just not safe enough for the sproggets here with the large, unfenced pond/lake so close to our doorstep. I’m having to be hyper aware of their every move in case they go outside without me noticing & it feels like I’m stifling them. The sproggets are frustrated by being trapped inside so much of the time & I feel frustrated with having become such a “No! Mumma”. I’m afraid to even use the toilet without inviting them in to be my audience in case they slake off again while I’m on the toilet. That’s how I know it takes Babyman just 30 seconds to get from our deck to the edge of the pond, it’s how long he was gone from my side while I used the toilet that day…

We’re also concerned for Dave’s safety, since he ate a rat bait at another house on this same property, a house he visits several times a day. He comes back from that house with various bits of compost & food scraps all the time & we’re concerned that if he eats another bait we may not realise it until serious damage has been done. There’s no fenced area we can keep him contained in, & it’s difficult not knowing where he is when he’s not in the area immediately surrounding our house. His training has slipped a bit since we’ve been here too, he’s forgotten that he’s not allowed inside because he’s being allowed into the other houses. He’s only 6 months old & consistency with training is crucial in this early stage particularly, since being here we’ve begun to lose status with him.

There are other things that make Wonderland unsuitable for our family at this time in our lives, which I’ll not go into now simply because that’d make this a lengthy & boring post, so I’ll just jump straight into explaining our (very) left field solution…

We’re going to move in to a shed.

Bean’s parents (the outlaws) have a reasonable sized shed at the top of their block, which will be easily insulated & gyprocked to convert it into a comfortable space to live. Their block is on a hill, & their backyard is in 3 levels.

At the very back there is a rear access gate, & space to park the kombis next to the shed. There is also a retired chook house which will take very little work to return to habitable condition for us to have some feathered friends again (BIG YAY!). Between the shed & the chook house are 6(?) empty garden beds just perfect to plant out with annual vegetables.

Stepping down from the top level takes you to a grassed area which is bordered with gardens. At one end of the grassed area is a mature Granny Smith apple tree & a mature pear tree.

Both of these garden areas will be easily fenced with inexpensive dog fencing, creating a secure yard for Dave & the sproggets. We can separate the top & second levels also, so Dave can be kept separate from the sproggets if I don’t want to directly supervise their play (I don’t leave the sproggets alone with dogs because I think they’re still too young for that).

The bottom level of the backyard is about 6ft below the second level, there is a large retaining wall between a courtyard & the second level which in effect separates the rear yard from the house.

We will have our fridge, pantry & gas camping stove in the shed plus the hooded BBQ outside meaning we can store & prepare food without using the kitchen in the outlaws’ house. When we are able to buy a new thermomix blade the thermomix will be back in action also & we’ll be even better equipped to prepare food in the shed. We’ll have water plumbed to the shed for handwashing & dishes, but we’ll have to use the bathroom in the main house for showers & baths. We’ll likely sort out some kind of composting toilet solution also, in time. Our washing machine only requires that cold water be plumbed to it so we’ll set up a smaller temporary garden shed to be our laundry. The water outlet can be directed to the base of the fruit trees & to the ornamental plants already in the gardens around the lawn using a grey water hose.

The shed is large enough to have a kitchen (there’s already internal walls separating a small room from the rest of the shed), our beds & a small lounge/dining area with our couch & coffee/dining table. We sit on cushions around a low table to eat dinner so that won’t change. It is a small space, but as long as it is a warm & dry space we will be fine living in it. With such a fantastic blank canvas for a productive garden I imagine we’ll be spending a lot of time in the garden anyway. We’re all happier out of doors.

The outlaws’ place is in town, easy walking distance to the beach & even easier walking distance to the town centre. It’s also a 5 minute walk to Bean’s workplace. We’ll be a lot less reliant on cars there, which is good from an environmenatl & an economical point of view. We’ll be more able to afford to drive across to Denmark (where we really want to be) once or twice a week also, since we won’t need to use our cars just to get in to Albany to go to the library, museum or shop.

The best part about it though is that we won’t be paying rent! If we are able to put the amount of rent we pay each week into our credit card & personal loan repayments we’ll be able to knock a huge chunk of debt off by the time Bean finishes his apprenticeship.

Finances have been worrying us a lot, so the motivation for our moving in to a shed is definitely financial.

It certainly won’t be perfect, there will likely be times I’ll resent it, but it is still a good solution to the problems we have with our current living & financial situation.

Besides, we’ve both lived for extended periods of time on forest blockade camps & I’ve also lived for months at a time in a kombi van so a shed with running water, insulation, electricity & even heating is luxury compared!

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Housework + Parenting = Too Hard (Laundry) Basket?

So, as boring as a post about housework is, I hope this will serve as a reminder to me when I feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of parenting and being the responsible adult who keeps the house in order*.

When I first moved out of my Mum’s house into my own home I didn’t mind housework. I didn’t do it much because there was always something more fun to do, but I always kept my house fairly clean because I like it that way. When my environment is chaotic my mind is also chaotic.

Since becoming a mother I’ve discovered that I really dislike housework. I don’t like it simply because it needs doing and I feel like I don’t have the time to do it. When I didn’t have children, it was easier to find the time to do it. When I didn’t have children there wasn’t so much housework to do in the first place! When I didn’t have children there was no one to follow me around untidying everything I tidied**!

It’s not the housework chores themselves that I dislike, it’s the fact that they compete with my children for my time. I keep getting stuck in this mindset that I don’t have the time to parent and keep the house clean as well. I start thinking that it’s one or the other, which just doesn’t work for me because I need my home to be clean and (somewhat) ordered so my mind can be clean and (somewhat) ordered.

Some people suggest ignoring housework because it’s less important to have a clean house than it is to have happy children. I agree, wholeheartedly. However, a clean house is still important to me, never as important as my children, but I believe I should be able to have a clean house and plenty of time to actively parent too! So I’ve come up with a couple of strategies to help us stay on top of housework.

Hour of Power!

This is my favourite one 🙂

When I was living in community in the year before I had The Bubble we had to share a small space between about 20 people. We shared the same domestic sized outdoor kitchen, indoor loungeroom & outdoor eating area. We had a dormitory style sleeping house with rooms we shared with one other person. It was a real test to live so closely with a large group of people. Every Monday afternoon, after our morning work in the gardens and after our lunch, we would do what was called “hour of power”.

The idea behind HoP was simple. We all did our weekly chores at the same time so:

  • We all felt more motivated to work because we weren’t the only ones working.
  • When we were all finished our job we could enjoy the whole space being totally clean and tidy for a while, before we messed it all up again 😉

Now, in our home, we’ve adopted the HoP. Monday evenings are our regular HoP time, although it’s flexible if something else comes up on a Monday evening. In reality it takes longer than one hour when all the weekly chores are divided up between 2 adults, especially when we’ve got 2 small friends who like to help. We find though that it’s so lovely to have the whole house clean after the weekend.

Weekends are times when we are too busy enjoying exploring our world with each other to bother with being very tidy, so Mondays can be a bit of a chaotic day at our house. The children (and I) tend to take that day to adjust to Bean being back at work during the day & the mess of the weekend just seems to compound that sense of dis-order. We often have a day sleep on Mondays so bed time can be pushed back a bit later and when Bean gets home from work we both just get cracking on changing bedding, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the bathroom & toilet, cleaning the kitchen and general tidying inside & outside.

It’s so wonderful at the end of a Monday to crawl into bed for clean sheets night knowing we’ll be waking to a clean house in the morning. I think I sleep better on Monday nights 🙂


Laundry is one of those jobs that just has to be done regularly or a small pile of clothes becomes Mount Washmore & it seems insurmountable! Using cloth nappies means we have to wash them every couple of days or we run out of nappies too. Laundry is quite a pleasant job when the sun is shining though (which it is most days in Perth). The Bubble is always happy to potter around outside while I hang the washing out, especially if I give her a bucket of soapy water to play with before I get started. Babyman is usually happy to crawl around at my feet and explore the wonders hidden in the grass under the clothes line for a little while, though he’s becoming less happy with that lately which has made it trickier to get the washing hung out. He loves water play also, so this morning I put a bucket of water under the clothes line and he played with that for long enough that I could get one dry load off the line and one wet load on the line before he let me know he was over it. I hope that strategy continues to be effective for both of them.

Folding the clean, dry clothes and linen is the part of the laundry that I dislike the most. It’s awesome once it’s done, but it’s not awesome while I’m doing it. I find this part of the laundry easier if I fold the clothes as I take them off the line, before I put them into the washing basket. It takes a little longer but the clothes don’t get wrinkled and they don’t end up sitting in a pile for the next few days while I avoid folding. This way I can just take them straight from the line to the cupboard without double handling.


I use the same tactic here as I do with the laundry. The Bubble loves water play, so she gets to rinse the dishes after I’ve washed them. She loves helping. Her chest puffs out with pride and she says,

“I did it!”

It takes a lot longer to get the dishes done this way, but it’s much less stressful.

While we do the dishes Babyman is either cruising around on the kitchen floor playing with toys, doors and drawers or he’s in the ergo on my back if he’s wanting to be close & in on the action.

The end of day tidy up

Both Bean and I had mothers who did heaps for us as kids. That was awesome, but it did lead to us expecting our Mums to pick up after us all the time, and we did treat them like our slaves which wasn’t nice. We’re trying to instill a habit of clean as you go in our kids (& ourselves!) & we’re trying to involve them in tidying up at the end of each day. When their toys are packed away in their baskets (one for blocks, one for play cloths, one for play kitchen stuff, one for toy animals, one for instruments etc.) they seem to play with them more, when their play space is cluttered and disorganised they seem to avoid it.

While one of us is making dinner the other will whip around with the children and put story books back on the shelf, pack toys into their baskets, collect dirty laundry & take it to the washing baskets, tidy up the craft box etc.

* Obviously I’m not solely responsible for the housework because I am not a single parent & I don’t believe housework is the domain of the stay at home parent in a family, but given that Bean is working out of the home & is away for 11-12 hours M-F it does come down to me to do the day-to-day housekeeping. He helps when he’s home, and he picks up the slack if I’ve been unable to keep on top of it during the days and it’s starting to stress me out.

**Contrary to the tone of this post, I don’t follow my kids around picking up after them all day long, we play and we enjoy making mess, then we clean it up if we have time & the mood is right, or we leave it until Bean gets home if it’s all too hard. Please believe me when I say I’m not a weirdy clean-freak!

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A very domestic Monday

And it’s not even midday yet!

This morning Babyman woke for the day at 6.15am. I really enjoy that time of the day. I used to try to be up and moving about by 6am most days before having children and after going through adolesence myself! I found it hard to feel enthusiastic this morning though as we’ve had a couple of quite wakeful nights with Babyman and I wanted to keep sleeping.

The Bubble ended up sleeping in until about 8am so I felt pretty ripped off that Babyman didn’t seem to want to follow suit. He was in his usual happy mood though so we just pottered around until his sister woke up, then we all sat on the couch eating fruit and reading story books. I’ve been on the hunt for some story books that share morals that are in line with our ethics (diversity in characters, diversity in story lines, acceptance of diversity i.e. not attacking the duckling because he’s different and “ugly” and then accepting him when he grows to be beautiful), I found a few online last night so I’ve taken a bit of a gamble and ordered books online for the first time.

Aaaanyway, we ate fruit for breakfast then The Bubble played with a bucket of soapy water on the deck while I tackled Mt Washmore with Babyman on my back in the ergo. I managed to get a load of dry washing folded and put away, a load of clean washing hung on the line and a load of nappies in the machine so the mountain is looking a little more like a hill than a mountain now. Phew!

Babyman stayed where he was while The Bubble and I made some spelt muffins with banana and coconut. By the time we had finished and put them in the oven Babyman was asleep so I put him down in bed so The Bubble and I could clean out the guinea pig cage.

The muffins were ready and we each ate one before Babyman woke up and joined us for a bit of morning tea. With mouths full of muffin my small friends are both fairly quiet and I’ve been able to work out what other domestic activities I’d like to get done after the weekend.

So this afternoon (in no particular order and with no particular pressure to complete the list) we’re going to:

  • Pull the last of the weeds from the paving out the back & add them to the compost heap
  • Water the pot plants
  • Mulch the last of the unmulched plants
  • Clean the bathroom & toilet (this one may have to wait until Babyman is sleeping again 😉 )
  • Change bedsheets on The Bubble’s bed & the big bed.
  • Sweep up the muffin crumbs after lunch
  • Dishes
  • Make playdough with blue & green glitter
  • Hang the clean nappies on the line (& probably chuck another load or two in since it’s perfect laundry weather)

This evening we’re leaving the children with my sister and her family while we have an appointment with a financial someone-or-other to work out how we can get ourselves into a position to buy a little acreage not far from Perth. Cross your fingers for us, please, because it’s going to be a long way off I’m sure.

Anyhow, that’s enough of a break in the productivity, I’m on a roll so I’m off 🙂

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