Last Thursday was my birthday and while I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a birthday festival of sorts, I have not got a single photo of it!

Wednesday night I went out to dinner, delicious Thai, with the folk from my aromatherapy course (which has sadly ended now), then dropped by the motel my Mum chose to stay at for a quick visit since she’d just got in to town.

Thursday morning my Mum and the sproggets took me shopping for some new clothes, which was lovely and perfectly timed since it’s been getting warmer lately and I’d had a little hissy fit about not having any short sleeved tops just before going out Wednesday night. It’s been long sleeve top kind of cold for so long now that I never thought to replace my old, stained, raggy short sleeved tops when we culled our “stuff” to move into the shed. Logically I knew it wouldn’t be long sleeve top weather forever, but funds have been tight over the last few months so it was never a priority to replace old clothes. Incidentally, I’m sure I’m not the only one disappointed with how poorly made off-the-rack mass produced clothes are these days. Nothing is made to last, seams don’t match up, fabric isn’t cut with any care about the direction of the grain. All this stuff is showing up in the op shops too (if it lasts long enough to be worn by more than one person!), so even buying second hand is frustrating now. The poor ethics of mass produced clothing made in sweat shops aside, I know off-the-rack clothing has never been really flash, but the “quality” is laughable now. I’ve always been a bit afraid to make clothes for myself or the sprogs in case I mess up and waste the fabric, but I really don’t think I’d make anything worse than I’d buy in a store (brand new or second hand!) these days so I’m keen to give it a go now. I’m missing sewing quilts too, so I’m really looking forward to the mythical wash house finally being built (16 weeks now and still no sign of it!) so I can find a bit of space to store my sewing machine in the shed. Until then, it’s having a holiday at Mum’s place. Anyway, I’ve digressed…. I now have some new short sleeve tops and singlets, as well as a couple of nice little cotton cardigans that are just perfect for layering in this fickle weather town.

Thursday afternoon we drove to Denmark. We stopped at the playground for a while when we first arrived but it was so hot in the sun we decided to get some lunch then head back to the playground in the afternoon when the sun was a little lower in the sky. While we were eating lunch it started raining, big drops of rain, and then a thunderstorm! We decided to head back to Albany to get the sprogs t0 bed for a daysleep, since we had planned to go out for dinner. The sprogs didn’t end up sleeping, but we had a little rest at Mum’s motel anyway. While we were there, her motel room flooded a little, like many other parts of Albany as a huge amount of water was dumped on the earth in a short amount of time. How very different from the sunny morning that we had (ironically) spent indoors. I got a call from Bean, telling me he’d been just a couple of metres away when lighting had struck his workshop! How lucky we all are that he wasn’t hurt.

Thursday night was still rainy, a little lighter than it was over the afternoon, but still quite wet. We went out for dinner at a (pretty new) Indian restaurant, which was fabulous! The food was delicious and the service was great. I’m really glad we tried it.

Friday morning, Mum and I took the sprogs to their circus class but the instructor was sick so it’d been canceled. We decided to take them to the indoor play gym since it was still raining and they’d missed out on the chance to burn up some kid energy while being dragged around shops and driving to Denmark and back for my birthday. The play gym had to open a little bit later than normal because it had also been flooded a bit, so we went to a nearby op shop for a look while we waited and we scored a few plates, books and clothes there. The play gym hit the spot, the sprogs had a lovely time. Mum went home to Perth from there, and I took the sprogs back to the shed to rest and tidy up.

My sister and her family came camping half way between Albany and Denmark over the weekend so we got to spend some time with them too. Bean, the sprogs and I went to the farmer’s market Saturday morning to get our weekly fresh produce then it was back to the park in Denmark Saturday for a BBQ lunch with the family, then along to Green’s Pool for an afternoon explore. It was absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous location and fabulous company. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We said goodbye as the sun began to set and grabbed a pizza in Denmark on the way back through. Delicious pizza!

The family did their own thing in Denmark Sunday and came to visit us Sunday night. We managed to all squeeze in to the shed, surprisingly comfortably, and sample some delicious local foods – goats cheese from Ringwould, chutney from Bathgate, Macadamias and of course the delicious raw milk (and now raw cream too!) from our friends. We just ordered takeaway noodles for dinner, rather than continuing the amazing local food theme by making dinner – no one could be bothered really! The sprogs played well with their cousins and the evening passed altogether too quickly. I miss my sister and her family, we all do. We’ll see them again soon though.

So, the visitors are all gone now. The birthday festival is finished. I’ve eaten out or had takeaway for 5 nights in a row, and it was lovely. Now I’m really looking forward to a homecooked meal and an early night tonight.

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