happy new year… we’re still here

Hi folks! I hope 2012 has been off to a fabulous start for you all, it certainly has been for us.

We have some fantastic news.

Bean is now a licensed sparky! The apprenticeship is officially over and his licence is in his hot little hands. It truly is a wonderful gift to begin 2012 with, so many more opportunities lay ahead of us today than we had imagined just one year ago.

What a rollercoaster ride 2011 was! I probably say that every year, but 2011 really was a test and here we are on the other side of it… Still together, still ok, and much happier.

Bean’s boss called him Friday afternoon just before the Christmas weekend and asked him if he’d mind taking the week between Christmas and new year off, Bean agreed and so that’s why I’ve posted diddly squat since Christmas day. Tomorrow is the last day Bean has off before returning to work for a four day week, then another week of holidays. That’s my idea of a good work/life balance – 17 days off and four days on every 3 weeks!

Anyway, back to last week…

It was a big week. Moe turned two (more on that in a post to come), we had the second meeting of the Denmark Natural Learner’s (more on that in another post to come), we had hot beach days and we had rainy, cardigan wearing days. I discovered a new hobby that’s been occupying my evenings and keeping me from the computer (you guessed it, more on that in yet another post to come) and we’ve spent a lot of time chilling out together, just enjoying the slow days.

It was really lovely to have Bean home. When he’s home I’m not outnumbered by the sproggets and he’s pretty fun to hang out with anyway!

So, our little break has almost come to an end which is a bit sad, but oh how lovely it’s been. I’m feeling refreshed and ready to take on the awesomeness that will be 2012.

Happy, happy new year to you all.

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the first meeting of denmark natural learners

Yesterday we got together with some natural learning families at the home of a lovely family who are testing the waters after their eldest child expressed a desire to homeschool. Some of the families live here already, and some are moving here in the coming months. It was such a lovely gathering that we’ve decided to get together again next week while most of us are still around. One of the families will have to return to Perth befoe then which is unfortunate, but the rest of us are able to come along. Each family had both Mum and Dad there, since it’s holiday time, and it was really lovely to connect with other natural learning families in a group situation.

The sprogs had a great time, and Sprout has told us how much she’s looking forward to the next gathering. I am too, and I’m also really looking forward to it being a regular occurence when we’re all living in Denmark.

After the gathering we went back to the home of one of the families and had some lunch together. Our children play well together and we really enjoy spending time with them all so it was a nice segway from larger group gathering to smaller group to just our family group again this evening.

I borrowed a book about pagan celebrations from them after a bit of a chat about our desire to bring more seasonal celebration into our lives. My sister owns the book, but I’ve only quickly flicked through it before. It was nice to talk about the nature of celebration with other people, especially these people because they’re just so open.

I really enjoy spending time with other natural learning families, I come away feeling energised and inspired.


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