goodbye dave

For many reasons we’ve decided to rehome our kelpie pup, Dave. Just today he went home with my younger sister. He’ll be happier with her, she’s able to give him a good, loving home. Farewelling Dave has been sad, and relieving. We’ll miss him, and yet we’ll have one less committment to worry about right now at this time when our lives feel so full to the brim of committments and stresses. I feel more relief than sadness, truth be told, because I know we’ll see him again. He has gone to the home of someone I love and admire, someone who I’ll see again, as much as I possibly can.

Sprout is feeling a bit down about it, but I suspect she’ll get over it very quickly since she has been quite jealous of the attention Dave got ever since he came to live with us. Moe is too little to understand. They’ll both be safer in the backyard now, they just behaved a little too dangerously with Dave and it felt like a ticking time bomb.

Goodbye Dave, we’ll see you again in a few weeks…

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A (very) left field solution

We’re going to break the lease here at Wonderland.

It is a beautiful house, and it is a very impractical house.

The issue of safety is a huge one for us. We feel it’s just not safe enough for the sproggets here with the large, unfenced pond/lake so close to our doorstep. I’m having to be hyper aware of their every move in case they go outside without me noticing & it feels like I’m stifling them. The sproggets are frustrated by being trapped inside so much of the time & I feel frustrated with having become such a “No! Mumma”. I’m afraid to even use the toilet without inviting them in to be my audience in case they slake off again while I’m on the toilet. That’s how I know it takes Babyman just 30 seconds to get from our deck to the edge of the pond, it’s how long he was gone from my side while I used the toilet that day…

We’re also concerned for Dave’s safety, since he ate a rat bait at another house on this same property, a house he visits several times a day. He comes back from that house with various bits of compost & food scraps all the time & we’re concerned that if he eats another bait we may not realise it until serious damage has been done. There’s no fenced area we can keep him contained in, & it’s difficult not knowing where he is when he’s not in the area immediately surrounding our house. His training has slipped a bit since we’ve been here too, he’s forgotten that he’s not allowed inside because he’s being allowed into the other houses. He’s only 6 months old & consistency with training is crucial in this early stage particularly, since being here we’ve begun to lose status with him.

There are other things that make Wonderland unsuitable for our family at this time in our lives, which I’ll not go into now simply because that’d make this a lengthy & boring post, so I’ll just jump straight into explaining our (very) left field solution…

We’re going to move in to a shed.

Bean’s parents (the outlaws) have a reasonable sized shed at the top of their block, which will be easily insulated & gyprocked to convert it into a comfortable space to live. Their block is on a hill, & their backyard is in 3 levels.

At the very back there is a rear access gate, & space to park the kombis next to the shed. There is also a retired chook house which will take very little work to return to habitable condition for us to have some feathered friends again (BIG YAY!). Between the shed & the chook house are 6(?) empty garden beds just perfect to plant out with annual vegetables.

Stepping down from the top level takes you to a grassed area which is bordered with gardens. At one end of the grassed area is a mature Granny Smith apple tree & a mature pear tree.

Both of these garden areas will be easily fenced with inexpensive dog fencing, creating a secure yard for Dave & the sproggets. We can separate the top & second levels also, so Dave can be kept separate from the sproggets if I don’t want to directly supervise their play (I don’t leave the sproggets alone with dogs because I think they’re still too young for that).

The bottom level of the backyard is about 6ft below the second level, there is a large retaining wall between a courtyard & the second level which in effect separates the rear yard from the house.

We will have our fridge, pantry & gas camping stove in the shed plus the hooded BBQ outside meaning we can store & prepare food without using the kitchen in the outlaws’ house. When we are able to buy a new thermomix blade the thermomix will be back in action also & we’ll be even better equipped to prepare food in the shed. We’ll have water plumbed to the shed for handwashing & dishes, but we’ll have to use the bathroom in the main house for showers & baths. We’ll likely sort out some kind of composting toilet solution also, in time. Our washing machine only requires that cold water be plumbed to it so we’ll set up a smaller temporary garden shed to be our laundry. The water outlet can be directed to the base of the fruit trees & to the ornamental plants already in the gardens around the lawn using a grey water hose.

The shed is large enough to have a kitchen (there’s already internal walls separating a small room from the rest of the shed), our beds & a small lounge/dining area with our couch & coffee/dining table. We sit on cushions around a low table to eat dinner so that won’t change. It is a small space, but as long as it is a warm & dry space we will be fine living in it. With such a fantastic blank canvas for a productive garden I imagine we’ll be spending a lot of time in the garden anyway. We’re all happier out of doors.

The outlaws’ place is in town, easy walking distance to the beach & even easier walking distance to the town centre. It’s also a 5 minute walk to Bean’s workplace. We’ll be a lot less reliant on cars there, which is good from an environmenatl & an economical point of view. We’ll be more able to afford to drive across to Denmark (where we really want to be) once or twice a week also, since we won’t need to use our cars just to get in to Albany to go to the library, museum or shop.

The best part about it though is that we won’t be paying rent! If we are able to put the amount of rent we pay each week into our credit card & personal loan repayments we’ll be able to knock a huge chunk of debt off by the time Bean finishes his apprenticeship.

Finances have been worrying us a lot, so the motivation for our moving in to a shed is definitely financial.

It certainly won’t be perfect, there will likely be times I’ll resent it, but it is still a good solution to the problems we have with our current living & financial situation.

Besides, we’ve both lived for extended periods of time on forest blockade camps & I’ve also lived for months at a time in a kombi van so a shed with running water, insulation, electricity & even heating is luxury compared!

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Unschool Monday: Animal Health

We’ve been without internet since Saturday, so please excuse my late-coming to Unschool Monday this week. Welcome to Unschool Monday update on Wednesday…

This Monday was a rough one at Wonderland. We’d been bunkered down with gastro since Friday night when The Bubble vomitted in her car seat on the way home from town, we’d cleared about 24 hours vomit-free with her & 12 hours vomit-free with Babyman when the owner of the property Wonderland is a part of knocked on the door & told us he’d just caught Dave eating rat bait in his house! Dave doesn’t come inside our house, and it was news to us that he was being allowed into the other houses on the property. The owner, who actually has a medical degree, had got his hand right down Dave’s throat and pulled out as much as he could & believed Dave hadn’t swallowed any. Still, we decided to take him to the vet & I’m glad we did. The vet gave Dave an injection of an emetic drug & Dave vomited up a large amount of rat bait. The vet sent us home with 3 weeks supply of vitamin K supplements for Dave, after 3 weeks his clotting factors will be tested & he’ll either be given the all-clear or further vitamin K supplementation.

On the way home Babyman vomitted in his car seat… I started to wonder, once again, what I was doing “all this” for?!

After having a crisis of homeschooling faith for the last few weeks since moving to a new area and having to establish new local networks & friendships – having to find our feet again – it’s days like Monday, even though I’d like to avoid these kind of stressful situations altogether, I think we’re going to be ok. The Bubble didn’t say much while we were at the vet, but she watched intently and had heaps of questions afterward. After I’d showered Babyman & had him dressed in yet another clean outfit I was able to sit down with The Bubble and answer her questions. I was able to reassure her that Dave was ok, and was going to keep being ok. We talked about vets, and what they do. Before Monday, the vet wasn’t a profession she’d ever encountered. I know this experience isn’t exclusive to homeschooling, any family could have had this experience, but it reminds me that there is so much to be learned from life if we just grab the opportunities as they present themselves.

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Unschooling unfolding

Last night we bought cupboard locks for the kitchen because I’m sick of saying “no” to my children & I’ve had enough of being hyper-vigilant in case they open the cupboards & play with the (breakable) crockery or the rubbish & (breakable) recycling.

As Bean was fitting them I felt a sense of calm & relief come over me, followed by a sense of uncertainty. Feeling calm & relieved about placing restrictions on my children’s freedom isn’t very “unschooling” of me. Shouldn’t I just be more calm about it & let them explore their environment with complete freedom so they can get it out of their systems & move on?!

This weekend we’re planning to erect a makeshift fence of chicken wire to enclose the large deck & a section of yard around the deck so the children can freely go outside & come back inside without me and so I don’t have to supervise their outdoor play.

There are 3 dogs, including our own, at the property Wonderland is a part of, there is a very large pond (verging on “small dam”!)  at the house closest to us & the 2 other houses may also have hazards unkown to us in their immediate vicinity so I feel reluctant to give the sproggets complete freedom to roam free range on the property. As vigilant as we are with Dave’s training, and as calm as the other dogs appear to be, dogs are still wild animals & either sprogget could easily do something that triggers a prey drive or a frightened or aggressive response in a dog so I like to supervise their play with the dogs. The pond is a big concern for me, I didn’t realise before we moved here that there was a path leading directly from our back deck to such a large, unfenced body of water. Babyman has already made his way to the pond of his own accord, and luckily he was followed by The Bubble who alerted the caretaker (whose house it is) to their presence. I was in the toilet at the time, it took Babyman less than 30 seconds to get there!  Hazards aside, I don’t want the sproggets at the other houses if the people who live in them haven’t explicitly invited them.

Thinking about this, these things we’re doing to make my life easier, I feel reassured that in restricting their freedom I’m able to give the sproggets more freedom, ironically. Making the areas of the kitchen that are dangerous, or even inconvenient, for them to access mean I can relax when they are in the kitchen area (which is right between their playroom & the loungeroom) instead of hovering over them being the oppressive “no” woman. Making an enclosed yard will give them the freedom to choose when they play outside & when they play inside. I can stay inside & do my thing while they play outside, knowing they’re not rolling about on a dog or putting their arms in his mouth to see if he’ll bite, knowing they’re not headed for the pond, knowing they’re in a safe area that still has plenty of interesting nooks for them to explore. As an added bonus, enclosing the yard will also give the guinea pigs a bit of relief from the salivating dogs who sit next to the cage watching them intently, trying to work out how to get in the cage & enjoy a guinea pig feast!

At first I thought unschooling was about total freedom which I feel uncomfortable giving to such young children, but on further thought, I see unschooling as freedom in widening circles. As I learn to trust our environment, & the children’s ability to be safe in that environment, I am able to let go of a little bit of control & they are able to gain a little bit more freedom – their circle widens. The sproggets are both still so young, and so their circle of freedom is currently quite small. I don’t believe it’s oppressively small though, in fact since moving to Wonderland where all of a sudden there is a lot more space available to the sproggets, I feel I’ve had to be more oppressive than I’d like to be in order to keep them safe. Their circle of freedom got too wide, too quickly & it’s been a bit of a shock to us all. In fencing the yard & securing the kitchen cupboards, we’re able to reign in the “too big” circle of freedom & get back into a “just right” circle of freedom.

Unschooling is unfolding in our home all the time. Slowly, as the sproggets get older, as Bean & I learn to trust. As we learn to trust them, learn to trust ourselves & learn to trust the journey.

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Wilde’s in Wonderland

We have named our new home “Wonderland”. The whole property is named something else, yet we have decided to dub our part of it Wonderland because of a white rabbit that led us up the path to our home a couple of weeks ago, just after we’d signed the lease, when we brought the outlaws around to have a look.

We were driving up the bumpy, gravel driveway when we had to stop for a very white (obviously escaped domestic, not wild) rabbit in the path. The rabbit hopped off rather slowly, but we knew we were turning off the main driveway onto the track leading to our new place soon & thought it would continue along the main driveway. Just as we thought we’d be able to get past the rabbit it dashed across the front of the car & hopped up the path to our place. WONDERLAND!

So Wonderland is an owner built place on 12 acres about 15km from Albany and 40km from Denmark. A very beautiful spot. The part of the property that Wonderland is on is native bush, surrounding properties have paddocks which make good firebreaks so I feel more comfortable about having bush so close to the house. There’s 3 other houses on the same property. So far I’ve only met the caretaker, who lives closest to us, and Bean has met one of the people who live in the other house. The owners now live closer to Perth, and come to stay at the property for a few days each month. Wonderland used to be their family home. I’m told there’s quite a community aspect here. There is a shared vegie patch & there is a sweat lodge not far from the house we’re in. I’m hoping to see evidence of that soon, I’m craving a bit of community.

The house is pretty amazing. There’s a lot of little (& not so little) bits about it that I don’t like so much. There are a lot of energy guzzling downlights which can’t be changed to a lower energy light very cheaply & heaps of single glazed glass making the place cold which make it quite unsustainable, I find this challenging because we’re really keen to limit our environmental impact & I worry that we may actually use more electricity here than we did in Perth!

It’s also not as “safe” as I’d like, though we just have to learn the hazards and behave accordingly (children included). There’s decks on 2 sides of the house which get slippery when wet (which is often!) and Babyman fell backward off the lower deck into a bush yesterday morning & again off another part of the deck trying to navigate some outside stairs today. Inside, there’s stairs to a loft (baby gate already in place so that’s less of a concern now), there’s a tile fire, the kitchen is wide open which we’re not used to (getting cupboard locks for the glass containing cupboards tomorrow). I feel like I’m spending all my time at the moment saying “no” and “not safe”, or nursing an injured child. The Bubble split her lip open last evening, that was a production, she went as white as a sheet Last night she woke up in hysterics 4 times, taking at least 30 minutes to console each time, she was in a lot of pain. She was trying to ride the wheely bug from the kitchen into the sunken lounge. I’d told her so many times yesterday that the wheely bug isn’t to be at the top of steps in case it falls down the steps while someone is riding it, it always has to be on the low side because that’s safest. Each time she’d snarl at me & I’d tell her I’d take the toy away if she kept playing with it dangerously because I didn’t want to see her hurt. I put it in the lounge but last evening she got it up into the kitchen again while we were sorting out dry nappies for Babyman & she rode the it off the step at a fast pace and hurt herself. There was a lot of blood & she was clearly in shock. I suppose she had to learn the hard way though, she’s that kind of person, she often hurts herself doing things I’ve suggested she not do. I gave her a lot of homoeopathic arnica (after years of studying & practicing herbal medicine I still don’t know how much I believe in homoeopathics to be honest, but the pillules give an injured or sick child something else to think about for a short time so they’re effective as distractions if nothing else), & she eventually settled for the night with Bean in her bed cuddling & consoling her. This morning her lip looked much better already & she didn’t seem bothered by it.

Anyway, back to Wonderland… There are other things about the house that are amazing. I love the tile fire for being beautiful in the same breath that I don’t like it for its inefficiency & dangerousness! The bush surrounding the house make it a beautiful environment for a home. The loft looks out into the tree tops, which is simply beautiful and it has a window in the roof which is nice for star gazing, I will certainly do this when I build my own place although I’ll use double glazed glass. There is some beautiful stained glass about the place too. I’ll take some pictures another time & upload them to the blog, for now there’s no use because it’s night time & there is no sun streaming through the stained glass. The toilet is separate from the rest of the house (combined bathroom, laundry, toilet area) which I have wanted for ever so long because Bean is smelly! The water supply is from a spring fed dam, and is amazing to bathe in, I’ve noticed we all have softer skin & hair since being here. Dave loves it here too. There are other dogs for him to play with & with all those unsustainable windows he can see into the house well so he doesn’t feel so isolated from us when we’re inside. He needs a kennel though, he’s currently got a cardboard box with a sheepskin in it for a bed, which is warm enough now but it’ll get colder. He’s also slowly chewing the edges of it, so he’ll end up without a home soon enough at the rate he’s going!

My absolute favourite bit about Wonderland though, and this is very daggy, is that our street runs off a road called “Old School Road” – there’s a place for sale on Old School Road and if I was rich & frivolous I’d buy it just for the address (and the fact that it’s an alpaca stud & alpacas are quite awesome).

We’ve not connected with any homeschoolers down here yet, I have sent countless emails to the Albany group co-ordinator but had no response, and Bean’s spoken with her on the phone but she was pretty non-committal, & just told him to email her! I think the homeschool network in Albany is largely made up of curriculum homeschoolers, & the fact that we’re natural learners/unschoolers/life learners/whatever makes us not really fit the mould for that particular group. No matter, we’ve got a plan to write a little homeschooling “personals” note out & put it on noticeboards around Albany & Denmark calling for people to network with. If there’s a natural learning network down here I’ll find them & if there isn’t already a regular natural learners meet up in the Great Southern I’ll do my very best to get one happening!

I did run into an old friend at the petrol station last week, and she’s given me her phone number so I’d like to tee up a catch up with her. She homebirthed her children, co-slept, full term breastfed, & carried them in slings (except when performing her whip-cracking show) & though I have no idea of her approach to education (bearing in mind I’m looking for playdates during the weekdays), I always felt comfortable with the way she treated her first daughter when we hung out before I had children so I’m excited to have seen her so soon after we moved her. I knew she was living in Albany, & had hoped I’d run into her sooner or later.

It’s taking time to find our feet, and I feel like I started with my cup already empty after our stressful 2 week stay with the outlaws, so with no way of filling my cup down here yet I’m finding myself feeling pretty low and questioning the sanity of this whole move.

The children aren’t coping so well. Babyman is ok really, although he’s feeding VERY often, every time he comes near me he pokes my chest and says “more”, he’s very insistent. It’s doing my head in actually, it’s no secret how much I hate breastfeeding, and without exaggeration he’d be feeding every 20-30 minutes during the day with the longest night time breaks being about 2 hours. The Bubble is really struggling, she needs kids to play with. She’s such a social child, and she hasn’t been to a playgroup for over a month now! She’s been doing attention seeking things like drawing on the furniture & the floors after Babyman drew on the walls. She tells me she doesn’t like me, she snarls at me, she tells me her Daddy does everything better than me & that she doesn’t want me to live with her anymore, she yells & rages and then she cries, tells me she does like me and asks for a cuddle. She’s needing Bean in her bed most nights. Her bedroom is lovely, I’ve made a point of creating a safe space for her to play & relax, hers was the first room to be unpacked and set up when we moved in. She’s gradually telling me she likes her new house so I just need to organise some playtime for her.

My sister and her 2 children came to stay for a couple of nights last week, which was wonderful, the children had playmates & I had a likeminded & beautiful person to chat with, although it wasn’t really for long enough unfortunately. They have recently moved from Perth to the Margaret River region (they have lived there before) so she understands the stress of a long distance move. We ate such amazing food, my sister is a fantastic wholefoods cook & I think it’s such a treat to eat meals prepared by her. She has such a flair with flavours & she’s not afraid to try something bold, where I’m much more conservative with my cooking. It was quite inspiring.

Speaking of food, we’ve found a gorgeous little organic food store in Albany, organic fresh produce is more expensive here than we were getting it for in Perth, the prices for certified organic at the farmers markets are outright ridiculous & the other stalls don’t sell organic so it’s good to find the store which is open 6 days/week. The bulk produce is often cheaper there than in Perth. Rice is $8/kg there & it’s $10/kg minimum in Perth. The people who run it are lovely, they used to run an organic orchard in Perth & were involved with the City Farm farmer’s market from its inception. They sell Jersey bath milk that is at least 1/3 cream, some weeks it’s been 1/2 cream, it’s just divine!

Bean was officially signed up for his apprenticeship again today. No idea where he stands with Tafe stuff & how long until he’ll have his licence sorted out, but he’s getting closer to it every day obviously.

That’s about all the updating I have energy for tonight, it’s already getting late again.

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on the road

I’m trying something SUPER geeky now and updating the blog from my mobile phone. We’re in Manjimup waiting for our lovely dog trainer to meet us with some BARF dog food, nutritional oil and a “bite lead” for Dave. We decided to take the long way to Albany so we could do one of her puppy classes this morning but class was canceled today 🙁 so we’ll come back next week :). We stopped at the bakery to grab some food. I’ve never tasted a worse spinach and ricotta sausage roll! At least there was no sign claiming they made “famous pies” like most country bakeries. They must know they don’t make decent food!

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Suburban “bushwalking”

We live near the Canning River which, unfortunately because of the Canning Dam, doesn’t flow much anymore. In many areas it’s stagnant and the mosquitos are a big problem so we are careful not to go too near the river very often. On very hot days though, in the middle of the day, the mosquitos aren’t really a problem so we often use those times as an opportunity to walk through the bush around the river near us. Like the river, the bush is very degraded. It is, however, a nice little respite from the suburban sprawl immediately around us.

A couple of days ago the sproggets and I took Dave for a walk to the river. Usually when we walk Dave the sproggets sit in the pram and we go a long way quite quickly. On this day, The Bubble decided she wanted to push “Baby” (a very ugly Rigadoon doll that belonged to me as a child) in her pram (a hand-me-down from a friend). So I put Babyman in the ergo, held Dave on the lead and let The Bubble lead the way with “Baby”. We didn’t get very far, maybe a kilometre there and back, walking at Bubble-pace, but we spent a good quality 90 minutes with Dave, and he got a long walk with all of us later that day when Bean came home from work.

The Bubble & Baby

Following the leader

Stagnant water & weedy banks

A break at the river playground

A break at the river playground

A boy and his dog

Here is a link to a picture of what “Baby” looked like in her hey-day. She’s an Alexis Rigadoon doll, but not the full size puppet, “Baby” is a mini Rigadoon.

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Swapmeet sales fails

We’re trying to offload some of our “stuff” before we move. Less to pack, less to move, less to unpack. We’ve had a couple of unexpected expenses this month, plus the impending move will cost a fair bit, so we decided we’d sell some of the sale-able stuff instead of sending it all to the op-shop like we normally do. At first we thought we’d try a garage sale, but we don’t have a lot of “stuff” in the first place (well we don’t have a lot of stuff for white, middle class Awwstrayans), so we decided we’d try a swap meet instead.

Saturday night I sorted out our stuff, Bean packed it in the car, we set the alarm for 5am Sunday morning and trotted off to bed around 10.30pm. By 1am I’d fed Babyman 10 times, and hadn’t yet had a sleep! He finally settled down & I managed to get to sleep. Babyman fed again a couple of times before 4.30am when I woke up. Knowing the alarm was going to ring out soon & Babyman stirring for a feed meant I didn’t go back to sleep. Eyes falling out of my head I rolled out of bed at 5am and got ready to go to the swapmeet. We piled kids & dog into the car then set off around 5.30am. We got to the Melville swapmeet to be greeted by a sign that read, “market full, no bays available.” Damn it!

We decided to give the Kardinya swapmeet a go. It’s not far from the Melville one, although no where near as good. Anyway, off we went.

We got there late but snuck in and got a spot next to the entrance anyway. We laid our sheet on the ground & placed our “stuff” out. Once we were set up I decided to take Dave for a walk around the swapmeet since he normally has a walk first thing every morning and he was getting a bit over-excited by all the people around. Every single time I walk Dave, no matter what time of day, we get about 50-100m before he does a poo. I don’t know why I wasn’t prepared for it this time, but I wasn’t. I asked the people at the bay he pooed in front of for a plastic bag, dealt with the Dave poo & moved on. Up and down the rows, looking at all the “stuff”.

At a bay not far from ours I saw a bee wheely bug. Babyman was given a ladybug wheely bug for his first birthday and both sproggets love it so I asked how much the seller wanted for it.

“$10” she said.

Bargain! I bought it & took it back to our stall. So far Bean had sold a book for $3.

Bean then took Dave for a walk around the bays. He found a cold chisel for $1.

I sold another book for $5.

Over the next couple of hours the children played on the wheely bug and in the dog crate we had for sale which attracted a lot of attention & funny comments. Some people were shocked we let our children put themselves in a dog crate, though most people saw the humour in it. A mother walking by with her toddler in a sling suggested we might like to keep the dog crate after all 😉

A highschool student bought a boardgame from me and asked me about the anti-nuclear sticker I have on Brigit’s rear window. She wanted some resources so she could hold an arguement with her pro-nuclear science teacher. Nice little bit of information sharing there.

A volunteer came around to collect our $10 fee for the bay and I spent $19something on food from the stupormarket next to the swapmeet. At 10am we decided we were over it. We’d sold $15.50 worth of “stuff” so the day had cost us a lot more than it made us!

A couple of people asked if Brigit (my kombi) was for sale, and one person asked if Dave was for sale. If the kombi and the dog didn’t have places in our hearts we’d have made our money back, haha.

We packed up and headed home, the swapmeet isn’t over until 11.30am, so again, we were defying convention by leaving early. Arrive late & leave early… we’re not very good swapmeet sellers. Unlike the con-artist who was selling junk opposite us. It was almost worth going to hear him scamming people like a true swapmeet regular!

When we got home The Bubble fell on the driveway. She landed on the left side of her face. She grazed her cheek, just next to and under her eye & her nose, and she bit her top lip. Poor love did a thorough job of hurting herself. Understandably she was very upset. We cuddled & put some essential oils on it, and eventually she fell asleep.

Later in the arvo, while I was listing our unsold stuff for sale on the internet, and Bean was sanding the new paint on his kombi Babyman got stung by a bee. He was playing on a ride-on car & stood on the bee. Bean brought him in to me, I scraped the bee sting out & breastfed him. More essential oils & a bath, and he was happy enough. Shortly after being stung he was running around, showing no signs of distress. I’m glad his reaction was so mild, my sister has anaphylactic reactions to bee stings now. Last night he was obviously troubled by it, he was wakeful in spite of being very tired & he was grabbing his foot, though eventually after much breastfeeding and consoling he finally became too exhausted to be kept up by it anymore.

The stuff I listed on the internet… well, most of it has been sold. The bulk of it sold within 3 hours. We should have done it that way in the first place and just slept in! Although, I wouldn’t have scored that excellent wheely bug if we’d done that.

I thought that wheely bug would prevent further tiffs over who got to ride the wheely bug when, instead it’s given them something new to argue about… who gets to ride the bee, and who gets the ride the ladybug…

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Meet Dave.

Dave is a 10 week old kelpie pup & he’s the newest addition to the Wilde brood.

He’s very mellow, already walks very well on the lead and follows basic commands (sit, stay, come), he’s incredibly smart. We’re all madly in love with him.

The Bubble wants to spend time with him immediately on waking, and he has a very calming influence on her, which is surprising really given how high energy she is.

Dave has been with us for a week now & he fits in so well it feels like he’s been with us for a lot longer. I’m loving walking him a couple of times a day. We have our breakfast then head out to walk him for about 30-45 minutes so we’re walked & home by about 8.30am every morning.

It’s great having the responsibility of a high energy dog to walk daily. For me it means I have to get out of my jarmies every morning & it means I’m doing moderate exercise every day for a bare minimum of 30 minutes (which will increase as he grows). For the children it means fresh air on their faces and in their lungs as they sit in the pram for the walks, it means getting out of the house each day.

Dave is a legend, we couldn’t be happier with him!

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