sprout’s pink clay face masque

A couple of nights ago I made a clay face masque for Bean and I. Sprout was in bed but still awake when we painted the masque on and asked if she could have a face masque too.

I explained that it was messy business, and since she’d already had a shower and dressed in her pyjamas I didn’t want to make one up for her right then. I told her we’d make one for her the next evening and that she could choose which clay we’d use. Happy with that compromise she went to sleep.

So the next evening rolled around and Sprout asked me to make the masque for her. She chose pink clay which is a lovely clay for sensitive skin, perfect for a child. Considering how young she is, and how delicate facial skin is anyway, I chose soothing rose hydrosol and added in calendula infused sunflower oil and some chamomile essential oil. Nice, calming evening choices for a little person with boundless energy!

Here’s the exact quantities:

  • 1 Tbs French pink clay
  • 1 Tbs rose hydrosol
  • 1/2 tsp calendula infused oil
  • 1 drop German chamomile essential oil


To keep the masque from drying out I sprayed rose water on her face whenever the clay started looking a little dry. If Moe had been in bed already and Sprout was feeling a little calmer I would have had her lay down on the couch with a couple of damp wash cloths draped over her face, leaving the nose uncovered. Sprout wore the masque for about 10 minutes before washing it off with a wash cloth in a warm shower. I massaged a few drops of macadamia oil into her face afterward and she went to bed feeling a little bit pampered.

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switch off & reconnect – mud face

As part of our new “switch off & reconnect” endeavour, Bean & I turned off our computers & had a little bonding session one night last week. No, it’s not going to be TMI, I promise!

We shut our computers, then I made a clay face masque* & we sat together with brown mud drying on our faces, trying not to talk or grin too much lest the clay crack & crumble off our faces. When the clay was dry we washed it off & gave each other relaxing aromatherapy massages, then drank tea!

I highly recommend trying something similar with your partner if you have one. It was a fabulous way to connect!

Photo by www.liamwilde.com

The camera was set to take 10 photos in quick succession, these expressions were accompanied by the following conversation,

“Bean, how many photos is that thing taking?”

“I don’t know, it’s quite a lot, isn’t it?”


What do you do to switch off & reconnect with yourself & people you love?


*this masque was made with:
2 Tbs pink French clay
2 Tbs yellow French clay
1 Tbs almond oil
2 Tbs liquorice, lemongrass & fennel tea
2 drops clary sage oil
2 drops lavender oil
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