my body is my own…

My body is my own, to do with just what I please. So long as I don’t use my body to harm someone else’s body or damage someone else’s things, it is not my problem if what pleases me does not please someone else.

It pleases me to leave the hair on my body, just where it grows.

It pleases me not to drip hot wax on my eyebrows or my genitals.

It pleases me to wear flat, comfortable shoes.

It sometimes pleases me to let my hair dreadlock.

It pleases me to have sex when I want to, and with who I want to.

I pleases me to breastfeed my child when he wants it, regardless of where that is.

It pleases me to birth unhindered, at home.

It pleases me to ask for physical affection, & respect the answer given.

It pleases me to be asked for physical affection & have my answer respected.

It sometimes pleases me to pierce my body & wear body jewellery.

It pleases me not to wear makeup.

It sometimes pleases me to shave my head.

It pleases me to dress for myself, not for others.

It pleases me to know in my heart that I am not property because my body is my own.

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