A very domestic Monday

And it’s not even midday yet!

This morning Babyman woke for the day at 6.15am. I really enjoy that time of the day. I used to try to be up and moving about by 6am most days before having children and after going through adolesence myself! I found it hard to feel enthusiastic this morning though as we’ve had a couple of quite wakeful nights with Babyman and I wanted to keep sleeping.

The Bubble ended up sleeping in until about 8am so I felt pretty ripped off that Babyman didn’t seem to want to follow suit. He was in his usual happy mood though so we just pottered around until his sister woke up, then we all sat on the couch eating fruit and reading story books. I’ve been on the hunt for some story books that share morals that are in line with our ethics (diversity in characters, diversity in story lines, acceptance of diversity i.e. not attacking the duckling because he’s different and “ugly” and then accepting him when he grows to be beautiful), I found a few online last night so I’ve taken a bit of a gamble and ordered books online for the first time.

Aaaanyway, we ate fruit for breakfast then The Bubble played with a bucket of soapy water on the deck while I tackled Mt Washmore with Babyman on my back in the ergo. I managed to get a load of dry washing folded and put away, a load of clean washing hung on the line and a load of nappies in the machine so the mountain is looking a little more like a hill than a mountain now. Phew!

Babyman stayed where he was while The Bubble and I made some spelt muffins with banana and coconut. By the time we had finished and put them in the oven Babyman was asleep so I put him down in bed so The Bubble and I could clean out the guinea pig cage.

The muffins were ready and we each ate one before Babyman woke up and joined us for a bit of morning tea. With mouths full of muffin my small friends are both fairly quiet and I’ve been able to work out what other domestic activities I’d like to get done after the weekend.

So this afternoon (in no particular order and with no particular pressure to complete the list) we’re going to:

  • Pull the last of the weeds from the paving out the back & add them to the compost heap
  • Water the pot plants
  • Mulch the last of the unmulched plants
  • Clean the bathroom & toilet (this one may have to wait until Babyman is sleeping again 😉 )
  • Change bedsheets on The Bubble’s bed & the big bed.
  • Sweep up the muffin crumbs after lunch
  • Dishes
  • Make playdough with blue & green glitter
  • Hang the clean nappies on the line (& probably chuck another load or two in since it’s perfect laundry weather)

This evening we’re leaving the children with my sister and her family while we have an appointment with a financial someone-or-other to work out how we can get ourselves into a position to buy a little acreage not far from Perth. Cross your fingers for us, please, because it’s going to be a long way off I’m sure.

Anyhow, that’s enough of a break in the productivity, I’m on a roll so I’m off 🙂

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3 Responses to “A very domestic Monday”

  1. What a superbly domestic day! Have a look at Best, Best Colours for another anti bias story – my son adored this one from about age 3 – the text is in English and Spanish and the author has a number of other titles up his sleeve too.

    • Kimba says:

      Thank you for the tip re: the book. Provided my first experience of ordering books online ends in smiles I’ll add it to the next book order.

  2. Kimba says:

    So it’s now 2.45pm and we have to have a shower & pack our bags to go out. The remaining jobs are:

    * Mulch the last of the unmulched plants
    * Clean the bathroom & toilet (this one may have to wait until Babyman is sleeping again 😉 )
    * Change bedsheets on The Bubble’s bed & the big bed.
    * Dishes
    * Make playdough with blue & green glitter

    Which we can finish off tonight and tomorrow. I might even be able to clean the bathroom while the kids are in the shower provided The Bubble is happy not to interferre with Babyman’s games & vice versa…


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