un voyage en france

Six days from now will begin a six week period that is going to be a very challenging time for my heart.

The Monsieur flies to France in five days, where he will be spending three weeks with his family before I join him at the end of the month for another three weeks.

The sprogs won’t be coming to France with me, they will be staying in the south west with my delightful younger sister, where they will enjoy three weeks of classic Australian beach holiday time. Swimming lessons at the beach with their cousins in the mornings and lazy afternoons with the extended family – which now includes dogs, chooks and a lamb!

While Monsieur is away we will miss him, for three weeks I will be without my dear friend and lover, and then when I get on a plane to be reunited with him I will be leaving my sproggets, my babies. I will miss them terribly, and they will miss me. I haven’t even left yet and I am looking forward to being reunited with them. That, being apart from my family, is the big challenge for my heart. As for my holiday, I’ve never been overseas before so I’m excited and I’m terrified.

I’m going to France to see where mon homme grew up and to meet his family, although (coincidentally) France has been number one on my list of places to go for the longest time. I will be in way over my depth with my french speaking abilities, but I am excited about being immersed in a language I have wanted to be able to speak for such a long time. I think I’ll probably make more progress in three weeks, through necessity, than I have in a year of study.

We have some spectacular things planned from the moment I get off the plane. We will go to places Monsieur knows from when he lived in France, and we will go to places neither of us have ever been. I have been asking my faciverse what I should be taking with me and what I should be preparing for on the flight and I feel very prepared but for one thing…

I am torn between leaving my computer at home and taking it with me to keep a travel journal on the blog and Skype with my babies (although I can do that on my phone provided I am able to set it up with a pre-paid sim in France). What would you do?



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