Bedsheets + Blankets + Hills Hoist = Fun!

I’ve been struggling a lot with the children at home on my own for the last couple of weeks. Liam has started a new job so he is away from the house longer than he used to be. Before he was getting home at around 4pm each week day, now he’s not home until 5.30-6pm & that extra 1.5-2hrs each day makes a big difference to me and the children. The Bubble definitely notices that he’s not home when he used to be. It’s been quite stressful adapting to this new time table & unfortunately we’ve had more horrid days than good days.

Last Friday I decided I’d had enough of the horrid days so I decided to grab the bull by the horns and turn the horrid beast around! I knew we needed an activity and it needed to be EXCITING! FUN! DIFFERENT! It needed to occupy several hours.

So we made a cubby out of old bedsheets, blankets and the very wonky hills hoist out the back. I’ve never made a cubby with The Bubble before, she’s only just begun playing imaginitive play games & she’s been saying things like,

“This is my house…”

The Bubble in front of her wonky little house.

Making a cubby with her seemed like a perfect way to spend an afternoon and Babyman was happy to join in too.

We spent the afternoon making crowns out of pegs…

… and buckets…

… wildcrafting weeds for lunch…

… cuddling guinea pigs…

… trying to eat the camera… (ok, maybe “we” didn’t do that, but Babyman did)

… and generally having a good time!

The cubby was a hit, we spent at least 3 hours playing with it & then it was time to get in the car & pick Liam up from work. Normally he’d catch a bus home but I was going to a Rock Quiz Night with a friend so I wanted to make sure I had time to get a plate of snacks and a costume together in time.

I rummaged through the dress up box & found a pair of bell bottom flares & a hot pink zebra print cowboy hat so I decided to go as Dolly Parton circa 1974.

Liam found me a blonde wig at the weirdly ecclectic little shop down the road while I got the rest of the costume together.

We had a great time at the quiz night, turned out that I knew another couple who were on our table from days pre-kids. Liam & the kids were fine at home without me, Babyman coped without my boobs for 6hrs (though they were certainly Dolly Parton-esque by the end of the night & I was very glad to be home & breastfeeding him for some relief after it all).

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  1. Just love it. Love Jolene, love the costume and the cubby is a brilliant idea. I will be incorporating it into our revolting days, that’s for sure!


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