moving (again!)

Squee! We’re moving from the shed into a house this weekend! We just found out today…

This will be the eleventh time Bean and I have moved since we got together just over 5 years ago. We’re kinda moving ninjas after all those moves.

This time we’re moving alone, with the exception of a friend helping to get the fridge and washing machine onto the trailer at the shed end due to the awkward and uneven nature of the terrain here. The friend in question is quite a bit bigger and stronger than I am, so we’ve requested his assistance for the two largest, most awkward items.

I’m so excited to be moving. The house isn’t in Denmark, where I wanted to move to when we first left Perth for the south coast 10 months ago, but it’s another stepping stone and I feel comfortable with the decision to sign a 12 month lease here in Albany. TWELVE MONTH LEASE IN ALBANY! Eeep. Did I really say I was comfortable with that?

Well, yes. Yes I did.

The house we’re moving to is not at all our style. It’s a lego-land house with a big double garage right out the front. It’s new and has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. We would never buy a house like it, not in a million years, but it is simply perfect for us to rent right now.

It’s 1.3km from the hospital construction site that Bean is working at, and will be working at for the next year at the very least so he can ride his bike to work and come home for lunch every day. It’s new and therefore requires no maintenance from us, meaning we can spend our spare time pursuing our passions rather than maintaining someone else’s house. The garden is simply empty beds and parched lawn so we know that they’ll be in better condition when we leave than they are now, no matter what. It has a double garage which means the kombis will finally be parked under cover when we’re home after 10 months of being parked out in the rain which has made them so much rustier than they were when we moved here. The garage and the close proximity to Liam’s work also mean that we can take them off the road one at a time and do some serious restoration work on them which we have been hanging out to do for so, so long now. The four bedrooms mean that Sprout can have her own bedroom, which she has been saying she would like ever since the novelty of first moving in to the shed wore off, about a month into it! It means we’ll have room for family and friends to stay if they want to visit us, which we haven’t been able to offer since moving into the shed. The best bit though (for me)… It also means I can have a studio. My own space to sew, to study, to do art journaling. Oh I am so, so excited about that bit.

We did consider moving to Denmark. We put a lot of thought into it because I really, really wanted it. We decided though that for now, with Bean about to begin doing a couple of hours overtime every day and with the debt that we have to service, the commute from and back to Denmark five days a week is just too much. That’s an extra 10 hours a week that Bean would be away from us while traveling to and from work and it’s 500km per week worth of petrol and wear on Van Halen as well. We have chosen our need to spend more time together as a family and to spend more money on debt repayments over our strong desire to move to Denmark.

We know we’ll get there one day and this move, this job that Bean is doing, it’s all just a stepping stone. We’ve got some loose ends to tie up and this is part of that. For now, we feel confident this is going to be a very good move.

I’ll see you on the other side of it all…

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9 Responses to “moving (again!)”

  1. Kristy Ratcliffe says:

    WOW !! Sounds very awesome. Can’t wait to come visit you as soon as you get settled. Are you guys busy packing Friday this week? Kids and I will probably be spending a long day in Albany that day and hoped to catch up if you’re not too busy packing. Also, do you have a furniture trolley to use? See ya, Kristy.

  2. Kestrel says:

    I am ridiculously excited for you, happy moving and see you on the other side!

  3. Vicki says:

    Very excited for you 🙂 Have to admit, I’ve been dreaming about having a sterile lego-box house with NO trees. Swept up a billion leaves on the weekend to make our outdoor play area at all useable. One of our tree branches just squashed a neighbour’s shed; evap aircon is on the way out, dead animal stink that I can’t find, leaks in the roof. I love our character house but it’s a bit of a pain sometimes!

  4. bek says:

    Hurray for moving into an actual house! Even if it’s still not in Denmark yet! 😀

  5. lara zheng says:


  6. Cybele says:

    I am so happy to hear this. Enjoy having your own space.

  7. cass says:

    *squee* Oh that sounds AWESOME K! Yay to your own space, your own decisions and your own lives back again. And I loved Albany – the only place I’ve ever stayed where they knew how to use roundabouts properly. 😉

  8. Cindy says:

    Heard about it (obviously….being married to the somewhat stronger man you describe LOL) but stoked to hear you’ll all have your own space. Will have to come visit!

  9. Alison says:

    Hi Kimba. Thanks for dropping by! We met at birth group in Freo a few years back (don’t worry, I have a scary photographic memory and remember everyone!) Looks like I know a few of your mates down here as well, so I am sure we will cross paths soon. x


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