As a teenager I began regularly rearranging my bedroom. I didn’t thoroughly clean it often, I was an untidy little grot, but when I did I usually rearranged it too. Every couple of months I’d give my room a proper Spring clean and shift the furniture around. My bed went in the middle of the room, against different walls, next to a desk, opposite a desk… I moved things around often to try and make the best use of the space, to make it an appealing and inviting space for me to spend my time in. Once I left home I started cleaning things more often and I also continued my rearranging, but having a whole house to play with I was able to do it with more than just a bed and desk.

Now, in the shed, I’ve been rearranging again.

Last week’s rearranging is the third incarnation of the “loungeroom” and “dining room”. Inverted commas there because really, the whole shed is about the size of your average Australian loungeroom and we’ve squeezed a kitchen, bathroom, loungeroom, dining room and effectively two bedrooms into that space!

Anyhow, last Wednesday was a hard day. I woke feeling worried about finances, worried that my car would run out of petrol on the way to or from the park, worried that Bean’s pay hadn’t hit his account yet but the direct debits had been taken out which had put the balance into negative. It felt (irrationally) as if this relatively short period of financial hardship would never end. Even though we know it will, it’s already begun to with Bean’s apprenticeship ending and his new job beginning. This recent blip is just a hangover from the apprenticeship, a bump in the road due to transitioning from one employer with a set pay day to another employer with a different pay day. This too, shall pass…

Wednesday morning I tripped over the pedestal fan on my way from the bedroom to the kitchen and decided that enough was enough. I needed to move things around again, to see if I could arrange things to give us a bit more floor space where we need it most.

The couch and the coffee table swapped spots, and it’s given us a good couple of square metres of floor space for playing where there was just a little walk way before. As soon as we’re able we’ll put the coffee table in storage with the few other bits of furniture we own that don’t live in the shed with us and we’ll put a proper (small!) dining table in it’s place. That’ll give us a few more options, a space to craft, eat and study. It’ll also get the children’s chairs out of here, those damned chairs take up a lot of space for such little bits of furniture!

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  1. Kestrel says:

    Gordon is so much more keen to rearrange than I. I’m one of those stick in the muds who finds a way to make it work and then it’s like that till we move. I must admit, nearly all of G’s changes work beautifully. Perhaps time to shake me up a bit.

    • Kimberley says:

      I’m sure that one day, when I have a house I love to live in, with furniture I enjoy owning I’ll find a way to make it work and rearrange a lot less often too!
      It does bring in a fabulous new energy though, I think it’s good fun.

  2. Karrie says:

    I know the all about the transition period between one job ending and another starting kimba. We do that on a regular basis, it’s stressful watching the small amount of money you were able to save fly out the window on living. maybe in these times I should rearrange as well, it might just be my saving grace.

    • Kimberley says:

      Thankfully we won’t have to worry about that for a while. The hospital contruction Bean’s employed on will go for at least a year and we’re fairly confident they’ll keep him on for other projects once it’s finished. It is stressful. I’m sorry you have to go through it often. That’d be horrid.

  3. Vicki says:

    We’ve rearranged a bit recently, wish I’d done it months ago! I’ve been whinging about the loungeroom for ages. We have Mum and Dad’s old loungesuite and it takes up a lot of space for the amount of seating. Moving just one of the recliners makes it look so much less dominating. The play area is also bigger. To fit everyone in at Christmas we turned the dining table around 90 degrees and discovered it looks much better that way so have left it.

  4. Cybele says:

    I find that I rearrange when I have been in one house for an extended period of time. I think because when I was younger, I moved around a lot only having 12 month leases.


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