Moe turned two last week.

He had a wonderful birthday. My Mum visited from Perth and we had a little party at a park next to the beach with three other families.

We had a bit of a birthday cake drama because I rushed Jude Blereau‘s butter cream icing recipe (the first time it hasn’t worked for me!), so we ended up buying a cake (rather embarrassing for me!) and getting to our own party a bit late. Luckily two of the three families were already late and my Mum was too. What’s a birthday party without a little drama huh?

Moe’s birthday was a lovely celebration of two delightful years with a delightful little mate.

It feels like a lifetime ago I was birthing him. Indeed it is a lifetime for Moe, but such a short, sweet two years for me…

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5 Responses to “two”

  1. Vicki says:

    Your photo montage made me cry – so beautiful (not that I’m clucky or anything, damn hormones). Happy Birthing Day 🙂

  2. Kestrel says:

    Oh lovely, happy birthing day and happy day to Moe that he chose such an adventurous family to join.

  3. Tammi says:

    This was just so beautiful. I never had the guts to capture any of my births but fingers crossed if we are blessed again I definitely will be 🙂
    Happy Birthday to your little one.

  4. Bryony says:

    Beautiful photo montage. Brought a tear to my eye!


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