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We went for a Sunday drive yesterday. Along the way we saw this ute parked in the driveway of a small farmlet. Of course we had to stop… Huge bags of mandarins for just $5. Pop the money in the honesty box and off you go. I love that! They weren’t the tastiest mandarins I’ve tried, in truth they tasted like the fruit of neglected trees – a little bland, but not bad, certainly not for that price either!

One of the things I’ve loved most about living on the south coast is the food. We’ve not been as spoiled for choice as we were in the city, but oh my! Most of what we’ve found down here that is locally grown or produced has been absolutely divine!

I’ve already mentioned the newest find, local macadamias, and now I’d like to share with you the snack plate Bean and I shared the other night while we played canasta.

There’s the macadamias, which I can’t rave about enough, but there’s three other local products that I want to rave about too.

The celery is locally grown & from the organic store, and on the celery are Ringwould‘s Calliot and Bathgate Farm‘s pumkin & ginger pickle.

Divine, I tell you. DIVINE!

Our eggs and meat are local too, as well as the beautiful milk we get from our friends who milk their own cows. We’re so blessed to have access to such wonderful food.

I’m really loving discovering new (to me) local produce. Living local is simply fabulous.

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  1. cass says:

    Oh I hadn’t looked on your blog for just a few days it feels like and look! There are heaps of words to devour after your journalling entry! Sounds like canasta nights will be a regular? James and I find it hard to have a game where one or the other of us doesn’t enjoy the taste of blood soaked victory – Scrabble is particularly nasty (don’t even LOOK at that triple word score if you don’t have an amazing word!). But I think we’ll try again – you’ve inspired me.

  2. Kimberley says:

    Oh we’ve played for the last three nights and it’s certainly rekindling old disputes over who is the canasta master! (It’s me, by the way)

  3. lily says:

    Your snack looks delish! We’ve been loving our market salads this week – eating so fresh and local feels so good. But I know what you mean about the mandarins – we picked up a bag of “organic” lemons last year from a very run down looking farm and they were ghastly. All dry and bitter and pithy – ugh! Just ’cause they aint been touched by pesticides and artificial fertilisers, clearly doesn’t mean they’re going to be any good – let alone cared for!

    • Kimberley says:

      YES! I think in this instance “organic” translates to,
      “We couldn’t be bothered putting chemicals on them.”
      Rather than,
      “We’re passionate about not putting chemicals on them.”
      They were still passable though, definitely not as bad as your lemons sound!


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