local macadamias!

This morning we went to the Albany Farmer’s Market and discovered there was a new stall this week.

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Some fabulous people are growing macadamias here in the chilly Great Southern Region!

Quite honestly, these are the yummiest macadamias I’ve ever tasted and I ate a lot of macadamias in the time I lived in northern NSW and Queensland (where they grow usually).

These local macadamias are farmed by a fellow homeschooling family (yay!) in Bornholm, about 30km from Albany and roughly the same from Denmark. Their orchard is 15 years old and this is their first commercial season. The trees take a bit longer to mature and fruit down here, but the macadamias we tasted today make it clear it’s been worth the wait! The farmers use biodynamic practices on their farm and they harvest and pack by hand. Very labour intensive! I’m utterly thrilled to have discovered them. The sproggets like the macadamias too, even Moe who normally spits them out.

If you’re local, head down and check them out. Just make sure you leave enough for me to buy next week!


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  1. lily says:

    Ooooh how yummy! I adore macadamias – hope the market had lots of other yummy goodness too. We are heading to the Mt. Eliza farmers’ market in the morning – I can’t wait to get home the bounty and plan the week’s menu. Enjoy!

    • Kimberley says:

      Oh yes, lots of yummy treats. Bathgate Farm’s Pumpkin & Ginger Pickle was available again after a few weeks absence.
      We’ve already enjoyed that with lunch, and now we’re enjoying it with after dinner snacks too.
      Enjoy the markets tomorrow!

  2. Volker says:

    what is the name of the farm? do they have a website? is it possible to subscribe to your blog via email? we are homeschooling in the UK and I have a natural approach or supermarket free approach too..:)

    • Kimberley says:

      They don’t have a farm name printed on their packaging, it’s very basic packaging since they’re selling direct to the consumer. There is also no website that I know of. I’ll be sure to share it here if there is. We talked for as long as we could but we didn’t want to get in the way of their selling so we’ll have to arrange to catch up at a time the markets aren’t on.

      I’m not sure about subscribing to my blog via email. There is an RSS feed button in the side bar… I’ll have to speak to my geek about it!

      Supermarket free is glorious, isn’t it? I’m slowly learning where I can buy all I want and need in this town without going to a supermarket. The last 6 months have been a bit of a shock to the system for me, coming from shopping only at markets and small business to having to buy at supermarkets because I didn’t know my way around enough to find the small businesses that are coming out of the woodwork just now.

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  6. Kristy Ratcliffe says:

    Have a great holiday guys. We’ve known this family for many years and have visited their place a few times. We haven’t yet tried the macas! You may know they also grow avocados… glad you met them. It’s nice to get to draw a new link in the network-of-friends map. Take care.


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