phasing out plastic

Reading this post at Farmama has inspired me to give phasing out plastic another go. I’ve made half hearted attempts in the past to reduce our plastic use, but I always seem to relapse into making convenient choices that often involve plastic packaging. This time though, I’m shocked enough to try harder to succeed!

We won’t be throwing out the plastic we already own, but I’d like to stop buying plastic products and I’d like to stop buying products packaged in plastic

Obviously there’ll be times that buying plastic products is inescapable, the bulk organic dry goods we buy are packaged in plastic by our wholesaler for example*. The main aim is to be more mindful of plastic packaging and ask myself whether I could source the product elsewhere or make it myself.

We already have our milk delivered in reusable glass bottles, and the eggs we buy from the farmer’s market are cheaper if we return their carton to be reused. When we buy bread, it’s from the bakery who wrap the bread in tissue paper rather than putting it in plastic bags. But… and there’s so often a “but”, we could do better.

This is me, right here, making a pledge to do better. Making a pledge to rethink some of our purchases, to ask myself if I can buy it better, or make it better. I promise to phase out our plastic purchasing, hopefully (possibly too optimistically hopeful?) to nothing one day soon.


*Who knows, maybe we can ask them to package our orders differently? It’s certainly worth investigating.

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