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Hello dear blog.

Dear, lovely, unconditional blog that imposes no word limits on me.

I’ve just finished another assignment for my naturopathy course and it was so damned frustrating!

I had to squeeze a ridiculously large amount of information into a ridiculously low word limit so an assignment that should have taken me just a couple of hours to put together once I’d completed the relevant research has literally taken me ALL. DAY. LONG.

The most irritating part is that I feel unfulfilled after finishing it. I don’t think I’ve submitted a good academic work. I feel like I’ve submitted a script for a government funded health promotion advertisement!

My assignment doesn’t include facts about the biochemistry of the body, nor descriptions of what certain nutrients do in the body. There’s not even a great deal of information on why those nutrients are important and what happens if dietary intake is inadequate.

There is a whole bunch of this kind of flakiness…

During pregnancy the body requires extra dietary energy and nutrients to sustain the rapid growth of the foetus. To prevent nutritional deficiencies that may lead to maternal and foetal health problems, it is important that pregnant women eat a diet that meets their increased nutrient and energy needs.

and this…

A diet consisting of fresh and cooked fruits and vegetables, whole grains, eggs, milk products, pulses, legumes, beans, meat and fish should provide for a toddler’s nutritional needs.

See? I told you it was just like a government funded health promotion advert!

I’m glad it’s over, I’ve jumped through that hoop and now I can get on with learning things I don’t already know!

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