the awesomeness of sprout

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Sprout lately.

Moe is 20 months old now, he’s on the downward slope to two! The displays of “two-ness” are both more frequent and more powerful, and Sprout is still so patient with him. We’re kinda like allies, Sprout and I. When Moe is having a seemingly irrational, exceedingly frustrating moment, Sprout so often gives me a knowing look and steps in with some brilliant reasoning. She often explains what he wants, when I can’t work it out (usually not because of Moe’s lack of vocab, he’s been able to verbalise his needs for some time now), which has nipped so many meltdowns in the bud.

Aside from her awesomeness in her role as big sister, Sprout is awesomely funny. Sprout is awesomely empathic. Sprout is awesomely inquisitive. Sprout is awesomely feisty, and Sprout is a ninja at arguing!

I’m so glad we’re on the other side of three, four has been really quite wonderful so far.

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  1. Vicki says:

    Beautiful post and photo 🙂


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