fresh beginnings

Returning to study natural therapies has inspired a renewal of my passion for healthful living & my drive to seek optimal wellbeing. My aromatherapy lecturer has given us the most glorious homework. We’ve been asked to give ourselves a 2 minute self-massage with pure essential oils every morning… I told you it was glorious!

I used to do that every day, then I had children & all the time in the day seemed never enough to meet the needs of my children and nuture myself as well. That is until it was re-framed.

2 minutes… That’s not very long.

2 minutes to give myself something that will improve my physical wellbeing & my state of mind.

2 minutes that could shape the way my day flows for the better!

2 minutes that would inevitably benefit my children anyway, firstly because my cup would be a little bit more full & I’d have a little bit more to give if I just give a little to myself first, and secondly because I’d be modeling healthy self-care to them.

2 minutes… yes, thanks, I’ll take those 2 minutes!

I have decided to do more than just that though, I have decided to take FIVE minutes! I’m also re-introducing dry skin brushing in to my self nurturing routine.

  • I blend my essential oils for the self-massage with a carrier oil* in a small tea cup & set that aside,
  • I begin dry skin brushing**
  • I have a warm shower (I use a wash cloth with a couple of drops of essential oil/s to wash with)
  • I finish off my shower by turning the hot water off & having a (very) quick cold rinse
  • I massage myself*** with the essential oil & carrier oil blend I prepared at the start.

Honestly, it all takes 5 minutes & it makes such a profound difference to my days. I’m glad I’ve reintroduced a more condensed (read: realistic!) version of my old, luxurious, child-free morning routine.


* The carrier oils I prefer are almond oil & macadamia oil. They seem to suit my skin quite well.

** Here is a link to a post detailing how I dry skin brush.

*** Always massaging toward the heart, begin with feet, lower legs, thighs, bottom, stomach, hands, forearm, upperarm, shoulders, back & chest.

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