moving in to the shed

We’re in! Finally, finally, finally we have our own little space.

We’re not quite finished with the conversion. We still have some shelves to put up & the bathroom to finish off (nearly there!) but Tuesday night I put the last coat of paint on the floor so Wednesday night it was done enough & we’d had enough of living in the spare room in the outlaws place so we moved in.

As I always do when we move I set up the play space/Sprout’s bedroom first.

Moe’s clothes are in the left cupboard above the toy baskets & Sprout’s clothes are in the right cupboard. The ladder to the left takes us up to the loft, where the family bed is. Sprout’s bed was my bed when I was a child. It’s been used by me, my neice & now Sprout. It’s looking a bit rough these days, but I do like it so.

Here’s a little more of the toy shelves…

This is the family bed.

This is Sprout’s bedroom at night, complete with sleeping Sprout & faery light night lights turned on.

We spent today unpacking kitchen boxes. Mugs, plates, bowls, pantry food… We found spots for all of it. Ironially, in this tiny shed, we have more kitchen cupboard & pantry space than we have had in any of our other homes. We have “enough” bench space, even with the bench top oven & two burner gas stove too (different to the temporary fix that is in the pictures below). We’re quite proud of how we’ve planned this space to be so useful.

I am so pleased to have a tea shelf again…

I’ll share the bathroom with you when it’s finished. Hopefully in the next few days.

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  1. Ayla says:

    Looking good! I love the green 🙂 Do you have a floor plan jpg you’d be willing to share? I’m interested in the layout (wondering if we can live in a small space!).

    • Kimberley says:

      Yes, there’s a link to our original plan here
      We have modified it slightly, because we’ve since decided to include a wash house with laundry & toilet facilities so the washing machine has been moved from inside & a bathroom cabinet & sink in its place.
      We’ve also decided we’ll build a desk area in to the corner next to the couch, so we’ll be able to sew, use computers, study etc. there.
      I think, in the next few posts I write about the process I will include an ammended plan.
      I think you’d absolutely be able to live in a small space. This space has more useful space than any other place we’ve lived. We used a CAD program to draw up the plan, we measured the furniture we intended to use in the shed & moved it around on the computer screen. We tried several different layouts before we settled on this one. We tried totally left field ideas & basically played tetris with the design until we fit everything we felt we’d need to live comfortably in a small space in the long term.
      The loft bed has been the only way we could see this working, it’s increased our floor area by so much.

      The green is Taubman’s “homegrown”. It’s ecolour paint though, just Taubman’s colour 🙂

  2. Helena says:

    Kimberley, I love the sleeping space! Oh, that family bed—YUM. We have three in our room and one down the hall—but I know the boy down the hall would love it if he was just Below. With fairy lights to boot! More YUM.

    And the colours are gorgeous. I was wondering what paint you used—lovely that you found a beautiful ecopaint!

    I can’t wait to see more photos and the revised plan. I’m so glad you’re in your own space. As small a space as some might see it, I sense it large like arms wide open, large with Happiness.

  3. congrats! I love it- really love it- We have a large home, we could afford it when I was working a successful real estate career- now we’ve been “eeking” it out and I’m staying home to school our 3 boys. We live at the beach (which is great and all) but, I have a secret desire to sell out and find a place way out in the country and build a small house and just get (somewhat) off the grid. I want a garden- woods- and maybe a shed!!!! 🙂 awesome- just awesome!

    • Kimberley says:

      Hey Kelli, we live near the beach here too. We’re pretty lucky really, it’s a nice location. Certainly not the one I want to grow old at, but a nice stepping stone to a different place.
      I have lived off the grid before too, and I have been wanting to get back to it ever since I left. It wasn’t my home, I was there for just 5 months, but they were some of the simplest & most adventure filled months of my life. I’d dearly love to relive the experience with my family. Maybe it’s time to make your secret desire less secret? Talking it over could reveal some pretty amazing options you’ve not yet considered!?

  4. Vicki says:

    I read this post earlier but just getting around to commenting. So beautiful! Even more so than I was imagining when I read your plans.


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