the evolution of the shed project

If you’ve been following wildecrafted lately you’ll know we’ve been converting a backyard shed at Bean’s parents place into a grany flat for our family to live in for a while as Bean finishes his electrical apprenticeship and as we recover from some poor financial decisions.

Well, it has taken a lot longer than I had anticipated. It’s become a bigger project than any of us imagined at first. We started off with the plan to put insulation & plasterboard on the bare shed walls & ceiling with a camp stove on a table for the kitchen. We’d head down to the main house to use the toilet & for showers.

That then became including plumbing at the shed for a kitchen sink so doing dishes wasn’t a hassle… Which led us to ask, if we’re putting the energy into getting water up there & waste water back out of there then why not plumb in a shower & a tap for the washing machine too? That would make living there much easier wouldn’t it? We’d not have to share a bathroom or laundry, only a toilet…

I know, you can just see what’s coming next can’t you?! Yes. Then mother-in-law said we should have a toilet up there too.

We don’t have the room. It’s already a squeeze getting the shower, washing machine, kitchen, lounge & beds in… it’s only 28 square metres! It’d only work if we built an outhouse & that’s too much work, let’s shelve that idea. Reluctantly she agrees, until….

The plumber says it’s not that hard. The plumbing will all be there, it’s easy to connected, building a stud frame outhouse will be easy.

Ok. We’ll do that then.

Then mother-in-law decides we can’t possibly have a toilet without a basin in it so we plan to make the outhouse bigger.

Then I ponder… If the outhouse is going to have a toilet & a basin in it, why don’t we swap the washing machine that’s planned to go in the shed with the basin that’s planned to go in the outhouse, turn the outhouse into a wash house? It makes more sense to have a basin next to the shower so we can brush our teeth, we can just come back inside after using the toilet & wash our hands, much better than going outside to brush our teeth, and so much better than keeping our toothbrushes in the toilet (ick! That’s a thing of mine). I suggest it to Liam. He says they won’t go with it. I ask him to suggest it anyway. Not only do they go with it, they’re very enthusiastic about it. Yes, yes, much better to have the washing machine outside, it’s too big & noisy to have in such a small space as the shed.

So the shed plan has become the pre-existing room that we’ll add a loft bed to (our friend the carpenter comes tomorrow morning to begin that job) for our family bedroom, a bathroom with basin/cabinet/mirror & shower, a kitchen with not only a camp stove but a bench top oven & a brand new electric kettle (courtesy of shop-a-holic MIL!) plus the out house which will include a toilet & laundry.

With all of these luxuries we’ll have no need to use any part of the main house & we’ll live quite comfortably in 28 square metres, I think.

Please forgive the lack of regular posting at wildecrafted lately, we’ve obviously had a large project occupying our minds & time! The shed is nearly ready for us to move in to now, as soon as it’s finished & we’re happily settled in I’ll blog a pic-heavy post about the whole process.

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